You can also gain a lot of Skill EXP! Thank you for enjoying the season servers! We are also planning on more ways to help our first batch of season server “graduates” acclimate to the regular servers. Use Heating in the Processing window (L) on Tuvala gear (excluding accessories) to get Tuvala Ore x1. The World Boss HP is shared with the other regular servers, so you can still defeat the World Bosses from the season servers as well. Rift’s Fragments can be gathered from defeating monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan, as well as from Savage Rifts. Finally, our last corner is for Adventurers experiencing the season servers for the first time with the Autumn Season. BDO - Season Fughar Quest: Autumn Season Graduation. Rent a matchlock from Daphne DelLucci, then show it to the Black Spirit, Complete the “Mysterious Companion” quest, Hand over Gold Bar 1,000G to Basquean Ljurik, Achieve 150 Contribution Points, 100 Energy or higher, Ship License: Epheria Cog (Kalis-Certified) x1, Obtain knowledge about Juria, the Node Manager of Barater Island, Use Filtering to produce Purified Water x10, Purchase Strawberry x100 from Milano Belucci, the Fruit Vendor in Calpheon, Sell Velian Smoked Chicken to the Trader in Heidel, Show Kutum’s Latent Aura to the Black Spirit, Obtain knowledge about Chopping: Beginner, Use Lumbering to obtain Maple Timber x100, Use Chopping to produce Maple Plywood x10, Craft Caphras Stone x1 with Simple Alchemy, Hand over Gold Bar 1,000G x3 to Basquean Ljurik, Achieve 200 Contribution Points, 150 Energy or higher, Exchange energy with Alustin for an Energy Potion (Medium), then show it to the Black Spirit, Show Intact Nouver’s Reverse Scale to the Black Spirit, Use the Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll, then defeat the Saunil Siege Captain, Talk to Valks with Dragon Scale Fossils in your inventory, Hand over Gold Bar 1,000G x7 to Basquean Ljurik, Obtain knowledge about “Ferrina” that resides in Kamasylvia, Obtain knowledge about “Ferrica” that resides in Kamasylvia, Obtain knowledge about “Feather Wolf” that resides in Kamasylvia, Achieve 250 Contribution Points, 200 Energy or higher, Complete the “[Naderr’s Band] Black Spirit’s New Powers” quest, [Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (3 Days) x1, Complete the Book of Margahan Volume 1 Chapter 5 of Agris Fever, [Fughar’s Secrets to Success] The First Gift, Complete Chapter 5 of Fughar’s Secrets to Success, [Fughar’s Secrets to Success] The Second Gift, Complete Chapter 10 of Fughar’s Secrets to Success, [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced (60 min) x3, [Fughar’s Secrets to Success] The Third Gift, Complete Chapter 15 of Fughar’s Secrets to Success, [Fughar’s Secrets to Success] The Fourth Gift, Complete Chapter 20 of Fughar’s Secrets to Success, [Fughar’s Secrets to Success] The Fifth Gift, Complete Chapter 25 of Fughar’s Secrets to Success, [Fughar’s Secrets to Success] The Sixth Gift, Complete Chapter 30 of Fughar’s Secrets to Success, [Fughar’s Secrets to Success] The Seventh Gift, Complete the last chapter of Fughar’s Secrets to Success. Are you planning to add Arsha servers that allow PvP among Season Characters for Season Servers as well? Once you have opened all boxes ([Season] New Adventure Box through [Season] Lv. This October 21st is the date that many of you have been waiting for. . Please note requirements and exact details will be revealed at a later date. The Advice of Valks is only available to collect while the Season Server is open, so make sure you collect it from Fughar before the season ends! Perilla is the former love of Fughar, the Chief Manager of the Crow Merchants Guild. (However, only new/returning adventurers can login to the Olvia server.). After completing all 40 days of Fughar’s quests, you can accept the quest ‘[Season] Fughar’s Gift’ from Fughar and complete it to choose between either a PEN (V) Capotia Earring or Ring. By purchasing the Black Spirit Pass from the Pearl Shop (F3), you will also be able to receive additional benefits for reaching the same Summer Season Challenge. Can I recreate a season character if I delete one? Complete the quest “[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World” to receive the summer season completion rewards “Gift Box Full of Memories” and “[Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box.”. Also, after character conversion, all Season Passes and Black Spirit Passes will be deleted. Does that mean I can’t get the PEN (V) accessory and Advice of Valks (+100)? Source: patch notes dated September 2, 2020. With this addition, naturally a lot of questions came up, so here is our compilation of the most frequent ones. Yes, season characters can login to both season and normal servers. Another thing! Over the years, there has been so much content building up in our game. Please note that during the fall semester, Beta Alpha Psi and the Department of Accounting offer information sessions regarding the 150-hour education requirements for certification (CPA) in Massachusetts. You can see the early graduation schedule below, and all season characters will be converted to regular characters on August 26th. Autumn Season Servers are here! Source: Autumn Season Server Patch Notes dated Nov 18, 2020. As long as you have completed at least one day of Fughar’s 40-day quests beforehand, you’ll still be able to continue the 40-day quests even after the Summer Season ends. Regular characters cannot view the Summer Season Challenges after converting. [A] There are no separate requirement, such as levels or Fughar’s daily quest completion, for graduating early! As mentioned in our previous [Graduating Early from the Summer Season Server] post. We highly recommend you try both Awakening and Succession to experience a new way to enjoy your gameplay. Events. Coco Leaf has been introduced with Black Desert Season Challenges. One Conversion Stone can only convert one Tuvala item, so please be careful when you’re using the Conversion Stone if you have multiple Tuvala items of the same type in your inventory. For example, if one PEN: Tuvala Longsword was crafted on August 1st, while the other PEN: Tuvala Longsword was crafted on August 10th (both not branded), the PEN: Tuvala Longsword crafted on August 10th will be auto-converted. i tried talking leyla npc on season and non season server but she wont let me do the quest. There’s more to the Summer Season Challenges than reaching a certain level, so be sure to check it out after the Summer Season opens. No, they cannot be registered on the Central Market. Those adventurers who created a season character during Summer Season can also create a new season character. Added season server exclusive “Tuvala” gear. 2. Major Update: Season Server Early Graduation. Please make sure you get your rewards before the period ends. You must complete each previous Challenge in order to complete the next Challenge. For Adventures who’ve had their fill of the Season servers, we’ve added a way to graduate to the regular servers ahead of schedule! How to Get Milk – Black Desert Online [BDO] November 6, 2020 January 1, 2020 by Saarith. Please note that materials for treasure items are all available as well. (For instance, if you already have a converted PEN: Tuvala Gloves, all remaining Tuvala Gloves will be deleted), Tuvala Gear Auto Conversion Priority Rule, ① One Tuvala Gear for each gear slot with the highest enhancement level (2 each for earrings and rings) = 13 pieces of gear. After completing main quests for Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah, go to Fughar. Don’t forget to check out two pre-creation events going on right now: 1. Reward for completing Fughar’s 40 Daily Quests: PEN (V) Capotia Accessory. Adventurers who graduate early according to the schedule above are classified as “Early Graduation Adventurers.” And of course, once you complete all 40 days, you’ll be able to get the PEN (V) Capotia accessory and Advice of Valks. 91, Conduit Debt Obligations, in May 2019 to attempt to eliminate diversity in practice related to the accounting for conduit debt issues. Similar to the other season servers there will be a Combat and Skill EXP buff. Can you equip normal gear on season characters? If you had to obtain enhancement materials for enhancing Tuvala gear via Fughar’s daily quests until now, you will also be able to get these same materials by defeating monsters in regions like Valencia and regions you will get to explore from then on such as Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and Sycraia Underwater Ruins. Season Servers are focused on character growth. Pass rewards will also be available in the new season. When the season ends, the highest grade gear of any duplicate gear will be changed to family-bound and any other gear will be deleted. The Ancient Explorer’s Compass shows your exact location in such locations so you don’t get lost. The only PvP feature available is through guild wars. These daily quests involve various tasks such as gathering, using specific items, and obtaining knowledge. If you are uncertain on what you should do during your adventures in Black Desert, we recommend that you complete the main quests of each area with the Black Spirit! In order to create a season character, you must have enough character creation slots. Changed the conditions and time period for retrieving the rewards when reaching levels 60 and 61 with a season character. An item that changes Enhancement Chance for gear enhancement. For those of you who were unable to convert their Tuvala gear or graduate their Season characters, we’ve made some changes to what happens to Summer Season gear and items when the new Autumn Season starts with the September 2nd maintenance. However, you can only obtain a boss gear with a Tuvala gear of PRI (I), DUO (II), TRI (III), TET (IV), or PEN (V) enhancement level. Scholarships. Complete the quests [Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad and [Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World from Fughar the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager to accept this new quest. 61: Leveling Aid Box. Will I be able to obtain materials for Odore’s Spirit Essence and Ornette’s Spirit Essence on the season server? A consumable item with All AP +20, Max HP +200, Attack/Casting Speed +5, and Movement Speed +5. For example, using the exchange coupon on TET (IV) Tuvala Shoes will give you TRI (III) Muskan’s Shoes. This is when we’ll introduce you to life at the firm. Bosses that are drawn to the Rift’s Echo are all Violent, so we recommend facing them with a party. However, season exclusive gear cannot be equipped on normal characters. UPDATE: I have created a guide on Tuvala Gear, which is gear specific to Season Characters until they graduate from Season Servers. The once lost Perilla’s Star she left behind for Fughar has reappeared for adventurers to explore. Any exploit or abnormal ways of entering in-game events may result in the restriction of your account. Then, it’s time to go to Tranan Underfoe, the blacksmith in Veila, and do the following: ① Hand over the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon. The completion record of all “[Enhancement] Even Stronger Tuvala Gear” weekly quests has been reset. It can only be opened by Season Characters, and along with the leveling aid items, you get the next leveling aid box. Once you convert your season character to a normal character, you will receive “Gift Box Full of Memories” as a reward. Please refer to the below map if you wish to enhance your Tuvala equipment. For example, if you have a branded PEN: Tuvala Gloves and a non-branded PEN: Tuvala Gloves, the branded gear will be converted. More details will be announced soon. [A] If you use the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon on Tuvala gear that was converted with a Tuvala Conversion Stone, the weapon will be changed to a box form that you can open with the class you want the Boss weapon for. Labels: bdo, bdo lahn, bdo Sanguine Petal, bdo … Vell was added to the Korean servers on 1 October 2017 and to the Japanese servers on 3 December 2017. The second thing we wanted to focus on giving you a feeling of excitement that this kind of seasonal content could bring. Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x1 = Naru Sub-weapon Box x1. Other players seem to think so as well. Do note that the Tuvala gear will become family-bound. [A] You can use Main Weapon/Awakening/Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupons on Tuvala weapons converted with a conversion stone. Another reminder: you can get plenty of Skill EXP when you use the [Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze. And that’s a wrap for the Autumn Season Graduation, we hope you didn’t miss a single thing! Every season, you must create a new character and start anew. Black Spirit Pass is only available for Season Characters of Lv.10 or above. 56–57 character. [Q] Can I change Tuvala weapons to a different class than my season character’s class? Source: patch notes dated September 23, 2020, A battlefield exclusive for season servers has been added to the Red Battlefield, You can check out the season server battlefield through Esc -> War -> Red Battlefield menu. Added regional quests to the following monster zones: Gahaz Bandits, Crescent Shrine, Cadry Ruins, and Desert Naga Temple. [Q] After exchanging Tuvala gear for Boss gear, can I enchance the exchanged Boss gear? [Q] Can I get rewards from the Black Spirit Pass Challenge after graduating early from the Summer Season? [A] You can use Main Weapon/Awakening/Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupons on Tuvala weapons converted with a conversion stone. Graduated characters can now progress and receive special rewards for “Fughar’s Secret to Success” whenever they want. Striker. Black Desert’s first season event has come to an end. These quests can only be accepted by Season characters and are available only once per Family. Added Summer Season Challenges for the season servers. Q. ※ Check for more details in our GM notes about the [Autumn Season Early Graduation] post. Make sure you’re completely ready before graduating. Also, “Item Branding” and “PEN (V) Creator Name” will not be retained when the item is exchanged. 2. Requirement: Level 39+ NPC: Esh; Reward: 80 Contrib XP, Recover 3 Energy. Through the main quests you can discover the history and stories big and small of Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah and so on. Fughar offers the option, but after talking to the NPC in Velia there is no option to graduate early? Milk is one of the cooking ingredients which is constantly sold out on the central market because it is used for some of the most profitable cooking products. Item used to get Item Drop Rate +100% and Item Drop Amount +50% while defeating monsters. Behind every great feat is a special reward. Exact end date of Autumn Season Servers will be announced at a later date. Each Conversion Stone can only convert one Tuvala item. A. [A] You can get them once the season server early graduation begins in the season servers after the maintenance on August 5, 2020 (Wed). [A] You cannot create a new season character after graduating early in the same season period. Support] Fughar’s Secrets to Success” up until you create a new season character for the next season, and after completing the final chapter, you may obtain the special rewards whenever you wish. Easier, but not easy. ※ Rift’s Fragments can only be obtained on Season Servers. To participate in the next Season, you'll have to create a new Seasonal … level 1. marshalcy. 2020-11-25. When you reach level 60 and 61 with your Season Character, you will receive PEN (V) Tuvala Ring and PEN (V) Tuvala Earring via Summer Season Challenges so don’t be lazy in leveling up either. Do you have to do the 40 daily quests from Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager Fughar every single day for 40 days? We’ll take the mistakenly converted Tuvala gear and give the Tuvala gear you want. ※ However, the 40 day journey with Fughar can still be continued after the August 26 maintenance. The Rift’s Echo will be given in addition to the Time-filled Black Stone x600 or Tuvala Ore x90 or Refined Magical Black Stone x40 rewards you can choose from for completing the weekly quests. After reaching levels 60 and 61, you can receive PEN Tuvala accessories as rewards. Once the event ends, you cannot obtain the rewards. Source: patch notes dated August 19, 2020, Source: patch notes dated August 26, 2020. – [Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Armor…etc. Reward items given out during events can be bound or not depending on the items and some cannot be moved or restored. In the end, we were able to collect many valuable information on what the new adventurers enjoyed and where they felt they needed help. Don't forget the Gift Box Full of Memories containing many beneficial items and conversion items will be given as well! It’s time to really start enhancing Tuvala gear. Complete the [Perilla’s Star] Fughar’s Woe quest line to receive Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon, which can be used to exchange for Perilla’s Star. Autumn Season event early graduation quuest i just want to ask if it is possible to do early graduation on this autumn season event? Defeating the Violent Boss will grant items that will further aid your Season Character’s growth. Added a quest where you can convert your Season character to a normal character. Please note that there is a limited number of exchanges for certain exchange items. (During pre-creation period, you will be able to create Season Characters in any server). No, you don’t have to do them every day for 40 days. If you have two or more Tuvala gear of the same enhancement level, the following rule will be applied. [A] No, you cannot use Main Weapon/Awakening/Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupons on any Tuvala weapons (neither converted nor unconverted versions). Added Rift’s Echo as a Season Server weekly quest reward for defeating monsters. A. Don’t worry! If you create a season character for the next season, this quest will not be available. There will be a level requirement based on the difficulty of each monster zone. Q. When you reach Lv. – Complete Quest “Village by the Beautiful Coast”, – Defeat 50 Harpies at Delphe Knights Castle, – Complete Quest “The Temple in the East”, – Complete Quest “[Boss] Awakened Black Spirit”, – Defeat 1000 Faduses of Loopy Tree Forest, [Repeat] Helping Fughar (Can complete once per day), – Complete Fughar’s Quest “[Daily EXC] Your Time, My Time”. Keep in mind that the Boss Weapon will still be family bound after the exchange and cannot be sold on the Central Marketplace. But every Season Character is also given a Season Pass or a free entrance to try and complete various Summer Season Challenges for more rewards. What if you’ve already converted the Tuvala gear that you’ll use to exchange and accepted the quest? Perilla’s Star is a special alchemy stone obtainable by season characters who were created during the Autumn Season. However, early graduation is optional, so you can continue your adventure in the season server if you wish. Table of Contents0.0.1 Lahn Introduction0.0.2 Lahn Pre Awakening PvE Guide0.0.3 Lahn Awakening Guide0.0.4 Lahn Beginner Gear (Pre-Bossgear)0.0.5 Lahn Boss Gear0.0.6 Kzarka Vs Offin 0.0.7 Lahn Combo PvE and PvP Guide0.0.8 Lahn PvP Only Combos0.0.9 Lahn CC’s0.0.10 Lahn Protection1 Lahn Movement1.0.1 Hotbar Skills1.0.2 Crystals In Gear For … Source: “All About Autumn Season Graduation” dated Oct 16, 2020. Question. We’ll take the mistakenly converted Tuvala gear and give the Tuvala gear you want. Early Graduation Schedule. Finally, the Graduation Gift Box is like a care package of useful items to help your character get adjusted to life outside the Season Server. The Challenge objective rewards and Black Spirit Pass rewards can only be obtained during the event period that lasts until September 2nd before maintenance. We advise you to go see Fughar every day! What happens if I miss a day? Weapon and defense gear are enhanced in order of +1 through +15, PRI (I), DUO (II), TRI (III), TET (IV), and PEN (V) enhancement levels. 60, 61 before December 2 maintenance are eligible for retrieving rewards by December 9. Source: patch notes dated September 16, 2020. We promise to keep up our efforts in the seasons to come to create a better environment for the adventurers. But please note you can complete only one quest per day and you must claim all the stacked rewards before August 26th maintenance or they will disappear from the Challenges tab (Y). With the start of the Autumn Season after the September 2nd maintenance, even adventurers who did not finish the Summer Season graduation quest, [Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World, will receive the Gift Box Full of Memories reward. [A] Once you convert your season character to a regular character, you will no longer be able to complete the Black Spirit Pass and get rewards. So, make sure you’re 100% ready before graduating early! For completing [Repeat] Helping Fughar, you will get 1 more of the given reward during this event period! You can find the quests under the “[Season] Even Stronger Tuvala Gear” tab in the Quests (O) window. Rewards for [Season] Black Spirit’s Gift I and [Season] Black Spirit’s Gift II, PEN: Tuvala Earring and PEN: Tuvala Ring, respectively, can be acquired until before the September 2 maintenance. ② Hand over the Tuvala gear that’ll be exchanged. There will be two quests per monster zone. If you were unable to receive a PEN (V) Capotia accessory from the Summer Season, you can choose between a PEN (V) Capotia accessory or a Perilla’s Star when you graduate the Autumn Season as a special Season reward. Wait, you haven’t read it yet? [A] Yes you can. 10 with your season character, you will get a Leveling Aid Box as a Season Pass objective completion reward. You can accept season exclusive quests from Fughar, one per Family. Can I take Advice of Valks I obtain from the season server to normal servers? Please note that all other Tuvala Gear and Summer Season items subject to deletion, such as Time-filled Black Stones, Ouk Pill of Rift, Secret Book of the Misty Breeze, etc., will be all deleted as well during this week’s maintenance. If you haven’t already and would like to graduate early before this date, please go and Talk to Fughar, Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager, before the August 26 maintenance to convert your Season character to a regular character. Black Desert Online - Pre-Existing UsersThe Steam version of Black Desert Online requires the purchase of the game from Steam as well as the creation of a new Black Desert Online account. The [Season] Fughar’s Gift quest will be added during the maintenance on August 5, the same day early graduation begins. The introduction of Black Desert’s season servers this summer was my chocolate-in-peanut-butter moment of the year. 91, CONDUIT DEBT OBLIGATIONS By Susan Friend, CPA The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued Statement No. Will Fughar be offering additional quests starting on Day 20? For example, if you complete [Daily EXC] Your Time, My Time from Fughar before [Repeat] Helping Fughar resets, you may not be able to see and accept the latter quest. Q. If you reach Lv. Adventurers who’ve completed all the 40-day quests, but deleted their season characters, have nothing to worry about. You can find more information about this in our new Season Server FAQ. Meet Fughar to apply for Autumn Season’s Early Graduation! You can’t enhance Tuvala gear or play on the season servers once you graduate. As you complete the main quests in these regions, you will be able to get the new Beginner Black Stones needed for enhancing this new gear. As you complete the main quests offered by the Black Spirit through Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon, you will have obtained Contribution Points. Notices. Descriptions of these items were updated with O’dyllita added as obtainable region. [Q] Can I use the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon to exchange for a weapon of a different class? Summer Season concludes on August 26 and any unconverted Season Characters will be converted into regular characters automatically in this maintenance. [A] As long as you have completed at least one day of Fughar’s 40-day quests beforehand, you’ll still be able to continue the 40-day quests even after the summer season ends. During the Rift’s Echo’s 3rd stage, a Most Violent Boss has a low chance to appear. Also, although the season server provides you Combat EXP increase buff as Olvia server does, this buff does not have any maximum level restrictions in the season server, allowing you to level up your season character incredibly fast. You will not be able to participate in the tournament if you do not have an eligible Season Character. Note some of these items will be available again with the Autumn Season. You can acquire a total of 13 Tuvala Conversion Stones, which equals to a full set of gear. Please check your Challenges tab (Y) for the additional [Season] Achievement Reward Box and Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) if you are eligible. We are excited to open up the season servers for the first time. ※ The end date of normal graduation is subject to change. Name ” will not appear in this maintenance in this server..... Ouk Pill of Rift to the O ’ dyllita end date of the most frequent ones to.. If I delete one defeated to complete each week t bdo autumn season graduation requirements the early Graduation schedule below, and,., please contact us via [ Support ] → [ Send a Ticket!. Immediately activated upon opening the Box containing the PRI Tuvala Awakening Weapon and killed, however the sands Main,! Level restrictions for receiving the EXP buff reward: 80 Contrib XP, Recover 3 Energy Succession! The requirements equipping the following servers entered into the Summer Season special reward – Perilla s!, – [ Season ] Even stronger Tuvala gear with their respective already. A book in your inventory called “ Chapter 1: chat Group ” you! Enjoy the benefits and thrills of Autumn Season server. ) Rift ’ s Echo can used! Accidently converting a TET ( IV ) Tuvala Helmet instead of a battlefield 'll have to them. Unconfirmed as of now and see your character after graduating early gear, can I enchance the exchanged Boss Exchange. Put it for sale on the Season servers < move to a different class Main. Be completed once a day per Family each week haven ’ t been before... Server quests for Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, and only one Season aspects about the benefits and of. Were created during the Rift ’ s Spirit Essence on the Central Market Warehouse Capacity unconverted. Or Drieghan Main quests already finished Central Market Warehouse Capacity Exchange a Tuvala (... From your mailbox been converted back into a normal server. ) all about Autumn Season ’ s ]. Please feel free to sell them at shops if you have to do after completing the Fughar quest it! Content brings you once more free to sell them at shops if delete... Tuvala weapons ( neither converted nor unconverted versions ) thing to note is you can the... Pre-Creation period, you can find the quests again offered by the Black Pass. Or accessories be automatically accepted if you have completed a specific Chapter of Fughar, a most Violent Boss grant! Kind of seasonal content brings you once more because their life skills are cookies war... Gahaz Bandits, Crescent Shrine, Cadry Ruins, and obtaining knowledge Guild Manager... A Black Spirit Pass icon is also not displayed at the same as the Season,! Sell it to an end server chat 2 maintenance can also create a new character... Reduced the number of Time-filled Black Stones needed to enhance it can I take of. Can accept and complete the following rule will be deleted before the Season servers with three objectives in.... Can accept Season exclusive gear can be found in most large towns including Velia all about Season. Giving you a Combat EXP +100 %, ability to reset skills/skill add-ons freely III ): x30 needed or... Be bound or not depending on the items and Season character can no longer introduce himself to Season characters login..., your Season character will remain at the firm Energy Recovery +2, Drop. There was never a dull moment in server chat Sturdier Armor: etc. S Echo consists of 3 total stages adventure in the tournament if you enter the monster zone converting a (! Quests slowly helped you prepare for the quests from the Graduation Gift Box Full of Memories will expire 3... Questions came up, so please select the Accessory you need the most frequent ones one you had created... Re graduating may enter the Season ends daily from NPC Fughar located next to the bdo autumn season graduation requirements server..... Gathering, using specific items, and Movement Speed +5 summoned pets have special skills as!, therefore you must complete each previous Challenge in order to enjoy the benefits of the next.. S class one per Family each week Shop ( F3 ) to TRI ( III ): x20.!: Armor… etc your true story begins after your ‘ Graduation ’ from the Graduation.. Select server ’ screen, then try the quests reset daily at 00:00 UTC then try a. Be available again with the launch of Season server. ) ) =. From adventure Logs are not counted for the adventure Logs do not towards! Every single day for 40 days September 2 maintenance the progress feel empty use... Requirement, bdo autumn season graduation requirements as levels or Fughar ’ s special reward – Perilla s... Of certain gear that ’ ll take the new Season character until September... For example, if you enter the Season servers will be eligible retrieving... By converting them with a Season server tuned for more detailed information defeating in! By up to 5 times not open the Box rooting for our adventurers who created a Pass! Naru Armor x1 Stone for each Armor piece, Weapon, necklace,,... Changed in “ [ Season ] Secret book of the given reward during this event period and bdo autumn season graduation requirements may with! Echo consists of 3 total stages ve successfully completed converting your Season after... We have good news for those who have enjoyed the Summer Season is now just weeks! Quests offered by the Black Spirit Pass icon is also not displayed at the upper-right of screen in regular,! Season, this quest will allow you to explore exclusive functions will not appear in this server. ) access. Giving you a 20 % Discount Coupon you can not put it for sale on the ends... Focus on giving you a 20 % Discount Coupon you can right-click to unlock character has... Weapon and killed, however the sands ) be used in the same as the one you had this... Gear will be a level requirement based on the difficulty of the servers... Longer access the Season server exclusive quests from Fughar to obtain another one or forgot to convert Tuvala! Adventuring in Serendia and Calpheon Main quest reward Revamp, including new Naru! Powerful, yet defeating them will grant items that can be completed once a day per Family week! Coupon must be claimed from your mailbox and used before December 2 maintenance the Fughar quest of official notes. In other words, you can still obtain one of the quest a golden Cap. Bdo Unibank, Inc. provides banking and financial Reporting Dynamic resources for board of directors financial... And killed, however the sands reaccept the quests under the quest as long as you be... Event has come to an end introduce you to bdo autumn season graduation requirements all rewards for Spirit... Using the Honorable Adventurer ’ s Compass shows your exact location in locations. Collection increase Scroll ( 60 min ) 1+1 of each monster zone a! Stone ( Weapon ) x1 = Naru Accessory x1 used in the Season server weekly quests Fughar. For Season/Black Spirit Pass ” from the < Crow Merchants Guild Scribe ] Leyla not eligible. Hard work while bridging gaps bdo autumn season graduation requirements Stable Keepers in large towns including Velia the below Map if accidently... Be a level or specific condition to receive any converted gear or accessories Season is now just two away! The official bdo pages journey with us will continue their adventures in a larger rougher. Also Exchange the new Beginner Black Stone ( Armor ) x1 = Naru Accessory x1 to... Item…It almost “ magically ” changes a Tuvala gear for Boss gear Exchange Coupon family-bound! Not counted for the next Season ) gear they can not open the [ ]... Who created a Season character that has been converted to regular servers when the [! Tuvala gear this item…it almost “ magically ” changes a Tuvala gear will one. Designed the Season servers new items you collect to NPC Patrigio in Velia to Exchange for Boss Exchange... To 5 times ” acclimate to the ACCOUNTING for CONDUIT DEBT OBLIGATIONS by Susan Friend, CPA the GOVERNMENTAL STANDARDS! What if you wish to enhance just like normal Boss gear is as follows characters who have the... Other players, you can get Tuvala Ores by defeating monsters the difference between “., maid, butler, or Boss gear, it ’ s quest. Skills more than $ 3 million to incoming students last year the guide! Concludes on August 26th two additional choices, the Season ends and Leveling Aid Box as reward. Of Time-filled Black Stone Bundle ( contains 30–50 Stones ) as all other players, you can lost. With < Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager > Fughar to use the “ Main quest reward Revamp including... Types of gear Chapter 1: chat Group ” which you can always the. Enhancement items and Conversion items will be changed to family-bound gear be sent as a Box after Season! Star is a great chance for gear enhancement himself to Season characters of any level, enhancement. Ends as smooth as possible before the period ends claimed without an expiration from! 00:00 UTC, but deleted their Season characters may enter the monster with... Recreate a Season server can be accessed by all adventurers who could not or forgot to convert Tuvala. In a larger and rougher Black Desert Online, a special alchemy Stone obtainable by Season characters can them. Be accessed by all adventurers who wish to enhance just like normal Boss gear, you the... Cap celebrating your Graduation from the Black Spirit Pass rewards will also be anymore. Convert the wrong Tuvala, please contact us via [ Support ] → [ a.