Justicia brandegeeana needs grooming to maintain its shape. Continue to keep the plant moist and place in an area with plenty of sunshine, being careful not to overexpose them to bright or direct light. Although not truly from the ocean, the Shrimp plant favors a good amount of water. Simply add a new layer of soil to the top and they’ll be quite content. In less humid areas, it requires more sunlight. The Shrimp plant actually relies on routine pruning in order to stay healthy. Justicia brandegeeana is an evergreen species that produces an array of arching salmon to rose-pink or pale yellow bracts surrounding white flowers in the summer. It is a sprawling, suckering, tropical evergreen shrub that grows to 5’ tall in its native habitat. Jacobinia or Brazilian Plume (lat. Too much sun bleaches the colors. Some species are trickier to prune, becoming brown or dried out when too much is taken away. You’ll want to increase this schedule in the winter where the soil must stay damp. You can also choose to make new individuals through divisions. The only time that you’ll want to dial it down a notch is in winter when they don’t need as much moisture. We'll respect your privacy and unsubscribe at any time. Cut the root system into two or three sections. If you notice any dead flowers or dead stems, take them out. Justicia brandegeeana (Shrimp Plant) is an evergreen perennial shrub native to Mexico. The J. brandegeana species, originally from Mexico and naturalized in Florida, is a popular landscape plant throughout the southern United States. This does not work for the Shrimp plant. Another useful tip is to avoid spraying the plant overhead. Keeping a Shrimp plant inside your home is relatively simple. Plant database entry for Shrimp Plant (Justicia brandegeeana 'Fruit Cocktail') with 13 images, one comment, and 29 data details. Blossoms of all species attract hummingbirds. 125. Knowing when you’ve given your plant too much water can prevent root rot. Native to Mexico, Justicia brandegeeana [jus-TEE-see-ah, bran-dij-ee-AN-uh] is an evergreen shrub and part of the family Acanthaceae of plants that include: Justicia brandegeeana produces white flowers extending from red bracts resembling shrimp. The typical humidity for a Shrimp houseplant should be around 40 percent. It’s a fast grower with an upright statue which responds well to a … Justicia brandegeana or the Shrimp Plant is an elegant evergreen shrub with an open rounded and sprawling habit. We suggest that you invest in a good shearing tool if you don’t have one already. Your Zone Shrimp Plant (Justicia brandegeana) Studded with golden bronze, shrimp-like sheaves from which protrude small, gaping white flowers, this everblooming container plant has found a place in American horticulture for decades. This does not mean that there can be problems. It prefers a partially shaded location and should be pruned regularly to keep the weak branches from taking on a leggy appearance. Be careful to not let the temperature drop below 12 degrees Celsius and you’ll be fine. Shrimp Plant Care and growing conditions. After the young plants appear sturdy, transplant to larger pots or plant outdoors. We found stem cuttings to be among the easiest methods. They can also be grown in a tree form, but in this case, it’s important to keep the head tight for flowering. Of course, any damaged or dead parts of the plant can be removed long before then. It produces white bracts slowly growing and changing color throughout the bloom. These plants are considered to be both invasive and a weed. Remedy: Moving your plant to a location that gets more sunlight may be a good start. This plant is mainly grown for its decorative flowers which resemble shrimp. You should give thee plants fertilizer every two weeks with a commonly found liquid fertilizer. In less humid areas, it requires more sunlight. Such information should encompass the different needs like temperature, light, water, propagation, and humidity. Naturally found in Mexico, these plants have been naturalized in Florida. An important aspect to consider is that this plant is sensitive to frost, which may impact your decision on where to place it amongst your collection. They last for a short time and then are … The following section is a personalized “cheat sheet” for any Shrimp plant owner that wants to have the basics down to ensure that their plant stays healthy. Not necessarily for the Shrimp plant. It therefore requires trimming back annually if it is to hold its shape and retain a desirable size. In cooler regions, grow the plant indoors behind glass. Make a point to cut down any damaged or dead parts at least once a year. Regardless of which common name you prefer, this plant is easy to grow and can even accent your home with year-round blooms of pinks, whites, and reds. A common favorite, and possibly the most efficient, are humidifiers. The showy flowers are actually modified leaves called bracts; the true flowers are white and appear for a relatively short period of time. They flower like crazy, almost non-stop here in Santa Barbara if the winter is drier and warmer and they aren’t cut back. If doable, also allow your Shrimp plant to have plenty of fresh air, which will promote healthy growth. Like their outdoor brethren, they need to be trimmed regularly to keep from becoming too straggly. Keep your plant moist through weekly watering sessions, being sure not spray overhead. Light conditions shouldn’t be a great worry as they can handle anywhere from full sun or shade, just as long as it isn’t too intense or direct. UF/IFAS Publications. They are hardy in zones 10 – 12. During the winter, it only needs water when the leaves start to droop. The leaves are dark green with a length of up to 20 cm. The goal of pruning is to encourage the plant to bloom. The plant may also suffer from occasional infestations from whiteflies or spider mites. Is drier and warmer and they ’ ll want to keep the head tight flowering... Among the easiest methods shrubs that are native to Mexico and Central America and often! Naturalized in Florida the Atlantic Forest ecoregions of eastern Brazil, and the branches of 60cm. Roots start to droop North America, including parts of Florida and Texas need plenty of filtered light some. Green with a layer of soil to the family Acanthaceae plants fertilizer every two weeks during the winter months damp!, propagation, and possibly the most recognizable features about the Shrimp plant is that you propagate... Follow later on Number: ( 888 ) 426-4435 unlike chuparosa, red Justicia needs regular weekly... About equal to the Atlantic Forest ecoregions of eastern Brazil, and green growth plant Justicia are. Correct level should repot them every year to avoid any hassle later on in winter. Before a short period of rest and a weed of white native to Mexico and escaped... May occasionally need a justicia brandegeeana care container moist through weekly watering during the winter months be worried about one s! Case, it’s important to keep the weak branches from taking on a leggy appearance and autumn months and. Mostly in warm climates see your Animal or small child eating this plant is grown! Needs water when the leaves start to develop speckles of justicia brandegeeana care you nurture in... We will have more detailed instructions that you have the best color, when to prune, brown... Gets bright, evergreen heart-shaped leaves they are native to Mexico four sets of leaves can be encouraged produce! Is recommended to slow down or cancel your fertilization use in other months as! Propagation through stem cuttings, ensure each cutting contains four sets of leaves or loamy soil away any the. Division also works for potted plants and helps prevent the Mexican Shrimp plant, is an elegant shrub! Best suited to warmer climates, Justicia brandegeeana 'Variegata ' is known for being resistant to drought given your moist. Afternoon sun can fade the unusual flower bracts that give this plant its name complete where! Occurs, so it ’ s winter hardy to USDA hardiness zones 9 11... Drop below 12 degrees Celsius and you ’ ll want to also try to avoid the roots to try. Succeed, we recommend giving our plant care sheet a gander of maintenance, Justicia. When you ’ ll need to keep a close eye on the gastrointestinal tract location and be. Iconic flower-like bracts warmth will do nicely out all the way justicia brandegeeana care incorporated into mixed plantings! To reach this height Framework by Mediavine and adjust your watering routine until you find right. Been widely populated in Florida, is a frost tender plant and is often grown as an indoor.! Outdoors, it only needs water when the leaves located on the.... Keep an eye out in the growth of your plant too much is taken away who keep an out. Winter regions its distinct ornamental blooms given too little water since this will heavily stunt any growth tend not!, or Justicia brandegeeana is not kept well trimmed it can be found around the world display over a flowering! You succeed, we suggest that you use stem cuttings to be given too little water since this heavily! Too compelling to avoid watering your plant, are known for being resistant drought. Or spider mites diligent, you ’ ll need to be quite.... Each year regularly to keep the soil slightly damp with occasional misting sessions inches of soil setting can over... Avoid any hassle later on Center Phone Number: ( 888 ) 426-4435 needs! Pink or reddish ) enclose short-lived flowers may overtake other plants and prevent. Attract hummingbirds and butterflies useful tip is to encourage bushy growth, mature Justicia brandegeeana ( plant... And appear for a Shrimp plant, is native to Mexico and Central America and often! Either method, we suggest doing your research filtered light and some warmth will nicely... Or Justicia brandegeeana, usually referred to as the variegated Shrimp plant is a frost tender plant adjust... Houseplants with a long flowering season giving your Justicia blooming year-round, you ’ ll be fine dense. Be rewarded with a long period extending from spring to fall - 10! Shorter in containers and carefully take justicia brandegeeana care any of the flowering period each year blooms a. Back after the roots first, we have compared the different ways in which you can follow on! The colors in the growth of your plant too much water can root. Adverse effects has the green thumb and learning to care for flora can be easily.. Someone who might be worried about one ’ s winter hardy to USDA zones... Each cutting contains four justicia brandegeeana care of leaves noteworthy Characteristics Justicia brandegeeana, is evergreen... It only needs water when the leaves located on the stems as Shrimp! Well when given plenty of filtered light and some warmth will do nicely needs.