Try using it when you're close to your opponent. Bug fixes, Cagliostro added to the roster. Hot New Top Rising. Offense • 1.1 Health; 1.2 Prejump; 1.3 Backdash; 1.4 Movement; 2 Normal Moves; 3 Unique Action; 4 Universal Mechanics; 5 Skills; 6 Skybound Art; 7 Sources; 8 Navigation; System Data Health . share. Invincible rising uppercut. Sets up for a safejump on its own and after combos. While pausing here isn't safe, you are left close enough to your opponent to go into a low, throw, or overhead mixup if you're willing to take the risk that your opponent is mashing here or buffering DP. Frame Data & System Data • Attack Attributes • 5:46 [GBVS] Diaphone (Soriz) vs SethSeries (Ladiva) FT3 - Duration: 9:34. Really strong anti-air with a good hitbox in front and behind Gran, allowing him to beat out opponents jumping behind him. COMBO/HIGHLIGHT. Jump to ... in GBVS counterhits DO NOT carry through the move, that means you can have counterhit effect on the first c.H hit, but NOT for the second or the third c.H hit.(e.g. 0 8 80. Mechanic's Energy Maneuver will consume all Power Cells but the party will not gain charge bar. Gran will auto cancel charge after Level 5, and once he's at Level 5, he can still delay the attack by holding 5U or cancel it like normal. So I've been labbing Ladiva for the past few days and love her so far. DBFZ - Adult Gohan 3L Sauce - Combo Challenge! Fixed an issue where, under specific conditions, a "Connection was lost" message was displayed in the ranked match standby menu and players were unable to join ranked matches. I_C_3_ Recommended for you. Contents. From Dustloop Wiki < GBVS. Can end with 623X instead of super for reduced damage (~4750), but this gives up the safejump option from the above combo for comparatively little gain. GBVS: Gran Combos by Jace. Be the first to share what you think! Charge can be cancelled with L/M/H. Combos Gran charges and throws out an invulnerable projectile move. Can link into c.L on crouching hit. 5.1 Customization. 5.1.1 Color Variations; 5.1.2 Weapon Skins; 6 References; Story. Sort by. Between buttons such as c.L, 2L, c.M, and 2M, throw is a particularly strong mix-up option for Gran as it offers many tick throw opportunities. Two brothers caught in a time loop must traverse a series of maze-like events in order to prevent a catastrophic fire from occurring. Close. North American launch version. To visit this character's Dustloop page, click here. Jump to ... Now, having become a pillar of strength for the entire crew, she is both Gran and Lyria's greatest supporter —and Vyrn's greatest admirer. Gives you a safe jump on hit, but the safe jump is spacing dependent. Join. It hits all around him, which makes it by far his best jump in and arguably the best jump-in attack in the game. A faster close range poke at 6 frames, so it can punish some things from further away. Mystic's Splitting Spirit will still drain HP but Gran/Djeeta will not gain charge bar. This Frame Advantage value is based off the fact that the very first active frame touches the opponent. GBVS utilizes the same graphical styling techniques as Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball FighterZ, using 3D models to simulate 2D art. Taken from the Gran combo trial. Free Eternal! 5.1 Customization. Read on below for questions, guides, and links aimed at helping new players potentially interested in the original Granblue Fantasy. Gran's ability to convert the opponent's whiffed throw techs into enormous damage also serves to make his throw mix up game all the more scary. Gran's best air-to-air normal. Granblue Fantasy Versus - GBVS r/ GranblueFantasyVersus. Shotos usually have a horizontal fireball, an invincible reversal, and a forward moving special move. Use it after safejumps, use it whenever you're in the air. Gran is a versatile Shoto Short for "shotokan" A character archetype defined by being similar … best. This hero's adventure began when he received a letter from his father asking him to come to the Island of the Astrals, Estalucia. Vaseraga is a heavy character who intimidates his foes with huge normals, … No skyfarers are killed during this fight. 2U > SSBA is safe on block up close (or after a dash), making it a safe poke into 5k damage. 5.1.1 Color Variations; 5.1.2 Weapon Skins; 6 References; Story. Tiers for Granblue Fantasy: Versus including top daily, weekly and monthly changes, best / worst match-ups and most voted match-ups Belial is a fallen angel—and one of the first primal beasts ever brought into being. 5.1 Customization. Can be used in some corner combos if an opponent is high enough after 2H. [GBVS] Yoro (Gran) vs Eguchi (Lancelot) FT2 Master 60fps - Duration: 5:46. Offense • COMBO/HIGHLIGHT. 1 Story; 2 Command List. From Dustloop Wiki < GBVS. 6 2 1 126. pinned by moderators. 1 Story; 2 Command List. Controls • Adjusted balance, bug fixes, Belial added to the roster. Overview This page was last edited on 18 July 2020, at 00:57. Controls • Deals big damage but has a short reach. This can be due to patches to the game, or developments in the metagame. Can be charged up to five levels and gains invulnerability at level five. 1 Story; 2 Command List. 2.1 Unique Action; 2.2 Skill; 2.3 Skybound Art; 2.4 Super Skybound Art; 3 Character Quotes; 4 Trivia; 5 Gallery. Because of his speed, the second hit of Gran's autocombo can also be used as a soft reset point. Can confirm into 214L>214M for knockdown. Hitbox is smaller/further up the closer it is to Gran's body. Misc,,,,,, Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. Maxi Boost ON. 5 3 35. Rising. Fixed issues with keyboard controls at the beginning of a match. 2.1 Unique Action; 2.2 Skill; 2.3 Skybound Art; 2.4 Super Skybound Art; 3 Character Quotes; 4 Trivia; 5 Gallery. Be sure to update both the move and the move Full sections. Examples of Power Raise levels. From Dustloop Wiki < GBVS. #GBVS #GranBlueFantasyVersus #Zooey Hey guys, Zooey is FINALLY OUT!. you can do (CH) c.H (1st)>5U>j.H, but (CH) c.H (1st,2nd or full)>5U>j.H do not work) Auto Combo *SLAP* Version Damage Guard How this attack can be guarded. GBVS/Gran/Frame Data. One is shown on the character page, while the other is shown on the frame data page. Misc •.,, Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. Maxi Boost ON. His far-reaching normals are highly committal due to some of them being negative on block. One of the Astrals who invaded the Sky Realm thousands of years ago, long before the War broke out. Level is stored and resumes charging from the same level when using 5U again. 5.1.1 Color Variations; 5.1.2 Weapon Skins; 6 References; Story. A projectile which usually travels slowly across the screen in a horizontal path above the ground. From Dustloop Wiki < GBVS. Useful if you want to stick close to your opponent after as you will recover closer up than if you were to forward throw. You can help by updating it. It's use as a crossup is mostly outshined by j.U, but it's good to know that it's there. It goes under a lot more things than even it's animation would suggest. Gauges • Fixed keyboard issues introduced by Ver.1.12. Jump to ... Low profiles really well too, going under both projectiles like Gran's Reginleiv and some far-reaching pokes like Katalina's f.M. Great for driving your opponent towards the corner. Same use as most overheads, checking for low blocks and getting counter hits on late buttons or throws. Shows how many frames that the character must go through after its active frames to automatically go back to a neutral stance. 0:41. When it comes to battle, there are few situations she can't handle. A good upclose tool, post-nerf it is mostly combo filler but can frametrap against 6f c.L characters due to attack level. Patch Notes •, • Movement/Canceling • Seofon's Cuore Di Leone will miss when he consumes 3 stacks of Swordshine. 126. Gran's j.U is a ridiculous jump-in and crossup attack. If you have knowledge to … Frame Data & System Data • share. GBVS FAN 6,468 views. Useful both as a damaging combo ender and a tool to escape pressure, at the risk of being highly punishable on block or whiff. You can also use this point in the autocombo to stop and block(to bait a DP) or insert your own DP here to punish mashers. 0:19. Archived. View discussions in 1 other community. His reliable fireballA projectile which usually travels slowly across the screen in a horizontal path above the ground., DPDragon PunchA move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motions, and fast approaching moves combined with normals with few obvious flaws make Gran a very well rounded character who can play footsies well and get rewarding punishes. 1 Story; 2 Command List. To visit this character's Dustloop page, click here. no comments yet. Throws have their throw range listed instead. TECH/GUIDE. Against stronger or more paitent players, this point can also be used to transition into 2L pressure. GBVS FAN 1,175 views. For potential players who are newly introduced to the world of Granblue, this post is for you! On CH, whiff 214L>2H>214M is a good damage combo with great corner carry, but when they're closer to the ground/to you you'll need to go for an alternate route. Other bug fixes. Hot. GBVS: Gran Combos by Jace. To visit this character's Dustloop page, click here. Introducing Gran's EX3 class: the Breakdancer. His go to poke. Gran gets really good reward off of CH Overhead in the corner due to his explosive corner damage, enough to end the round from half health with all specials and super. Now he travels the skies with his flying lizard-like buddy, Vyrn, and the mysterious blue-haired girl who saved his life by linking it with her own, Lyria. Really just want to find an optimal way to set up dustloop, I found this 50/50 setup off of EX lightning instead. Zooey is the newest DLC characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus. Jump to navigation Jump to search Overview Combos Strategy/Counter Strategy Full Frame Data Discord Notice:The contents of this page are out of date. Gran is a versatile ShotoShort for "shotokan"A character archetype defined by being similar in some way to Ryu or Ken Masters from Street Fighter. save. 2.1 Unique Action; 2.2 Skill; 2.3 Skybound Art; 2.4 Super Skybound Art; 3 Character Quotes; 4 Trivia; 5 Gallery. Gran's fastest air normal. j.L Just hanging around Damage Guard How this attack can be guarded. How Do I Get Started? Shows how many frame that the corresponding move needs to go through in order to reach its active frames. Requesting backup! Good poke and common combo tool. Contents. Has active frames from startup until it hits the ground. 5. From Dustloop Wiki. Has a small cross-up hitbox at the very beginning.