months[9]="September"; All the equipment is built to 3A standards of the dairy processing industry and includes a clean-in-place washing and sanitizing system. With the newest innovations, we maintain our leading position in both the local Dutch market and the international market. The units are priced from $68,000 to $135,000, depending on size and options. var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1]; The processing plant also comes in a portable model 50 ft. long and 10,12 or 14 ft. wide to be placed on a concrete slab. an hour. Thuli cites a Wisconsin Department of Agriculture study that showed the plant could return a profit of $34,000 a year over and above wages with milk priced at $23/cwt. The newly developed milk processing installation can pasteurize, homogenize and pack 10.000 liters of raw milk daily ( 10 hours, or 20.000 in 3 shifts) in 20-liter containers. To boost the quality of their cheese products, it would be of great benefit to small-scale cheese plants if they develop and implement HACCP plan based on their specific productions. All the equipment fits in a 40” container, and is ready to use after unloading. months[2]="February"; In countries where milk is sold raw or processed into dairy products, the mobile milk processing container offers a solution. months[6]="June"; The guideline offers suggestions for measures and precautions that should be taken // Y2K Fix, Isaac For more information, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Dutch Dairy Manufacturing Co., Route 1, Manheim, Penn. months[3]="March"; if (year < 2000) HTST Pasteurizers - Fluid Milk Processing Packages. This unique container plant will operate at the highest international standards and produce a top quality product. Scherjon makes devices for pasteurizing milk, the pasteurizer. Contact: Vartan Vahramian | 1-661-263-1482 | Vartan at Milk processing begins at a dairy … 1983 GEA Westfalia / API Schmidt Milk Processing Plant – 5.000 l/h. Lakeville, MN 55044 The system can process about 200 gallons of milk per batch. Our newly designed Fluid Milk Processing Package includes your choice of LiLi Pasteurizer, Bottle Filler Capper with or … With these small pasteurizing units it is possible to increase the shell life and homogenize the milk. Meat processing facilities – like many manufacturing facilities – can be very expensive to build and operate. Milk Processing Plant (Pic source Indiamart).   •   The milk processing unit runs on a diesel generator (no part of delivery) . We also offer a complete modular dairy plant for on farm processing. Dairy technology has been defined as that branch of dairy science which deals with the processing of milk and the manufacture of milk products on an industrial scale. This container features a large pasteurizer, bottle and capper, utility and hand sinks, hot water heater and all electric and plumbing. Most cheeses are made from fresh milk. It's marketed through Dutch Dairy Manufacturing Company, Manheim, Penn. About Our Facility The state-of-the-art Milk Processing Laboratory enables the scale-up of bench-top research to the transitional pilot plant stage before it can be implemented commercially. Step 3: Cheese vat // Self Contained Cheese Making Equipment *Process from 40 to 135 gallons per batch – Complete package or individual equipment: The Milk Processing Lab boasts a highly flexible design with all equipment mounted on wheels. Dairy Plants USA This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. It includes a milk collection system, a pasteurizer, homogeniser and a bag-in-box system. months[11]="November"; document.write(date + ", " + year + ""); We Travel The World Sourcing Used Food, Beveragge And Dairy Machinery, Bringing You Top Quality Equipment! "This system was field tested on dairy farms in Pennsylvania for seven years and is the answer to on-farm milk processing any place in the world," says Richard Canfield, inventor and developer of the mobile unit. from $98,300.00 HTST Pasteurizers - Fluid Milk Processing Packages. The mobile cheese plant sells for $245,000 and can also be equipped to make pasteurized milk, yogurt, ice cream or butter. Canfield adds that the unit is not just for the large dairy farm, but can profit farmers with 40-cow herds when several of them use a mobile unit moved from farm to farm. months[10]="October"; P.O. Authorities support the production of pasteurized milk. SHOP our STORE Dairy industry directory of dairy processors that supply milk, milk-based beverages, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy foods and beverages. Get In Touch. Commonvalues are 1.5% for low fat milk and 3% for regular grade milk, fat contents aslow as 0.1 and 0.5 % is skimmilk. The portable plant occupies 400 square feet, only one-fourth the space of a conventional plant. All that's needed is an approved water source and a drain for waste water. We develop different container plants for various product type, such as cheese and the production of yoghurt. 17545 (ph 717 665 6333). Many of our processing customers use Micro Dairy Designs for their pasteurizers and milk processing needs! A big plus of the milk processing installation is that milk processing is possible without utilities. Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. On-Farm/Small Scale Processing Darlington Dairy Supply builds and installs small scale equipment to process small batches of milk. Even greater profits can be made by selling at retail direct to customers." // End --> This flexibility and the variety of equipment enables the exploration of a wide range of research concepts. When the truck arrives at the processing plant, milk is pumped from the truck into tanks that will hold the milk ready for the separation and clarifying process. Then the standardised milk ishomogenised. The mobile units have been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, which has some of the highest standards in the United States. Better quality is also possible with the portable unit. For the industry and trade, pasteurization is a godsend, the milk can be traded much longer and over longer distances. In countries where milk is sold raw or processed into dairy products, the mobile milk processing container offers a solution. SITEMAP, ©2020 FARM SHOW Magazine - All Rights Reserved. Since most of our inquiries are for the processing of fluid milk, the staff at Bob-White Systems decided to develop a package to cater Specifically to those valued customers! FREE Issue Request News that milk processing is underway at MWC is a "bright spot" for the state's more than 350 dairy farmers, said Ken Folkema, who runs a 2,000-acre farm in Fremont, two hours away.