Unless you prefer an inline display, you should always set a default display value. Proper exception handling is critical for any application. C# Exception Logging Best Practices. got {len(str(value))}') In the above example, we have declared a “Student” class with an attribute “student_id”. This month I have selected some best practices for the Account object: 1. Are you going to calculate something? Undefined values can break your code. A client object is different from a value object and it can be applied in a different method call, but within a similar query. Lock on a Reference Type, Not a Value Type One mistake you might make at the beginning is to try to lock on a variable that refers to a value type rather than an object type. Value Objects are one of the primary components of Domain-Driven Design. Probably the Best Practice of Object-Oriented Python — Attr. ... What are you going to do with that value? Example: The