Brand New. So far, this is what I have learned, from posts. So, without hesitation, if you have some money to burn, buy these, you will not be disappointed. The bars actually absorb some shock for less wrist and hand fatigue. I'm a bit of an oddball and refuse to buy a road bike, so when I'm training I just throw slick 1.25 tires onto my RFX and hit the pavement. I cannot do business with an organization like that. EC90 XC do sprzedaży trafią już 1-go maja, jednak ich cena sprawi, że producent raczej nie będzie miał problemu z zaspokojeniem potrzeb rynku. These are my everyday and race wheels. There are some marks in the from where the stem was installed. EC90 【US Stock】 Full Carbon Fiber 25.4/31.8mm 660-760mm Flat/Riser Mountain Bike Handlebar, MTB Road Cycling Folding Racing XC Handle Bar, Premium Matter Mount Bikes Bicycle Brand: EC90 4.6 out of 5 stars 151 ratings That's what I'll replace it with before going back to titanium. Easton's website doesn't come right out and say that bar ends are acceptable on this bar. Ever since the early '90s, Easton handlebars have been synonymous with performance. Fully UST compatib. The EC90 XC is the absolute weapon of choice for riders seeking the lightest and fastest XC bike available. 590mm wide. 13 posts • Page 1 of 1. dannymelancholy Posts: 37 Joined: Tue Mar 29, 2005 11:26 pm. This light wheelset is light, user-friendly, and backed by a great warranty. I cannot comment on supposed vibration dampening properties, as my front fork seems good at soaking that up. Stronger than previous flat carbon bars, according to Easton. Easton EC90 XC Carbon Flat Handlebars MTB. It was designed for those XC racers that ride on fast singletrack courses. Mounting tires - My tires of choice lately, due to the mud, are TL Ready Schwalbe Nobby Nicks (2.25), they come on and off pretty easy, just make sure the bead sits in the center of the wheel and you start opposite the air valve. So far the only wheelset whick can take what I dish out is the old Shimano XTR 970 26". Easton has really, really good customer service, so even if this isn't the bar for you, I still recommend them. Otherwise, this bar rocks! DO NOT BUY this product. Moderator: Moderator Team. The wider tires 700x33 at 50 PSI smooth out the road bumps and I don't feel beaten up after a 3-5 hour ride. Alle weiteren Informationen zum Laufradsatz findet ihr direkt hier im Artikel! Y'all may want to reconsider using this handlebar with bar-ends. Enjoy! Titec PG and 118' Syncos Hardcore, Control Tech, Easton Monkey Lite low rise, Narrow. And this isn't a typical "race day-only" wheelset. Carbon; 26.0mm clamp diameter By Matt Phillips. The ride is great, you really, really notice the lighter weight, especially considering that 29er's carry extra fat, I think they spin up as fast as my 26er's, and when they are rolling, they eat 26er's. I expected a stronger product. This bar is lighter than you will believe and stronger than you will believe. Price: $159.99 More Info: Easton … Easton EC90 XC Carbon Wheel - 26in Rear, 12X142mm Review. It is lightweight for that reason only! Easton’s Director Of Research and Development, Chuck Teixeira, told us that impact testing done on the EC90 XC’s is pretty impressive. Easton’s EC90SL wheelset is the first no-compromise set of all-carbon clincher wheels that we’ve used. I went with EC90 not so much because of the weight but the shorter length which is great for tight singletrack. Up for sale is an Easton EC90 carbon handlebar. So far, this bar has seen fairly heavy XC use, with rapid descents down rocky/rutted bumpy trails at ~15+mph, and bumpy fire roads. At this time, I'm not sure how a long-distance ride with guys running 120 PSI on their 700x23s would go, but so far I was pleasantly surprised after a 60-mile ride on the Easton EC90 XC 29er. Also a 3 for value, because it's quite pricey for a MTB handlebar. Stiff, yup, I do not notice any flex, but then again I am not doing any side by side comparisons, but if they flex at all, I notice nothing! I purchased this wheel set as I wanted a second set of wheels for my cyclocross bike. This bar rocks! This bar is stiff and lightweight. Various thin Al flat bars, currently run Easton risers, Price, ability to use any type of bar ends. If that isn't what you intend this bar to be used for then, buy another stronger Easton product or something else that was designed for your style of riding. The XC Two is the slightly heavier and more affordable version of the two cross country wheels that Easton offers. Rode these for about 14 months. I took a little 80 grit sandpaper to the very ends of the bar, then put a very very thin layer of rubber cement on the inside of the ends....let dry thoroughly and then clamp on but go easy on the torque. Only downsides include incompatibility of some bar ends, price, and potential for catastrophic failure (I suppose only if the carbon fiber is damaged or nicked). 3 flaming chili's because although it's light and stiff, it accomplishes this partly be being short and the incompatibility with bar ends is just unacceptable (who runs a flat bar without bar ends these days anyway?). The EC90 XC, takes the proven durability of the EA90 XC and drops half a pound of rotating weight. Easton descibes on their website and marketing materials that these are "able to withstand seasons of abuse on rough trails" due to the impact resistant military grade armored balistic carbon. On carbon rovals now. ~ Insanely light, 29er wheels(@1447g) ~ Stiff, with buttery trail compliance ~ Above average hub engagement ~ Spins nearly forever ~ Simple, F/R hub convertibility ~ Beautiful esthetics ~ Transforms ANY 29er into a climbing rocket ~ Internals easy to service ~ High resale value, ~ OMFG per-wheel pricing ~ 19mm internal rim width. I will never put a carbon bar on my full suspension bike. My shoulders are medium width, so this bar is ergonomically perfect for more static upper body low-leverage rides (i.e. No hitch, no perceived flex, no problems so far. I have a buddy who is 180# and his are holding up very good as well. © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Post by dannymelancholy on Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:46 am. The Easton EC90 Handlebar is the lightest, widest, and strongest yet thanks to Easton Mountain Composite and the latest evolution of Taperwall technology. The ABS carbon is tough Iike an AM wheelset, but spins-up like a Carbon Tubular TdF road wheel. Forget compromising weight loss, via scary weak brakes, sketchy-thin tires and minimalist, ass-hatchet saddles; the WHEELS is the ticket, hands-down. I am 175lbs and ride a f/s on xc trails...and the rear rim bead cracked despite using a 2.1 ignitor with 35lbs pressure. Easton EC90 XC Carbon Wheel - 26in Rear, 12X142mm get special price. Save your pennies, kids.... ~ Enve Twenty9 XC/DT-240s ~ American Classic MTB Race 29/AC-130/225 ~ Stans ZTR Race Gold 29/3.30Ti ~ Nox Composites XCR 29/Hope Pro2 ~ Giant P-XCR Composite 0 29/DT Swiss ~ Roval Control SL 29/DT Swiss ~ Fulcrum Red Metal XRP 29/Campagnolo ~ Derby 29" x 35mm Carbon/I9 Torch ~ Light-Bicycle Beadless Carbon 29 XC/Novatec D-772SB/D-342SB-12 ~ Velocity Blunt 29 SL/Chris King ISO. Straight handlebars cut down so super light 116grms. I love how quiet the rear hub is, it engages quick and is bomb proof. If the bar is scratched or dented by bar ends, components, or the stem, then your bar will most likely fail from a high impact crash of some sort. Have let friends borrow them to prove that investing in a good wheelset will make their rides nicer.. they've agreed and a couple have bought this set or the very similar Haven. The EC90 XC is the lightest UST wheelset on the market. This handlebar features tight and lean ergonomics—with 9-degree bend and enhanced 720-millimeter width—for precise singletrack carving through the trees. The bar is used and has various scratches, rubbing, and other signs of wear. La roue EC90 XC s'appuie sur la durabilité éprouvée de la EA90 XC avec environ 200 g en moins dans la masse rotative. Except for idiots who do not know how to use a XC race product correctly. Other makes owned - Mavic's, Easton's, Sun, Fulcrum. It was only my second ride on a new bar. used really helps with preventing over tightening 5Nm! At least my handlebar broke near a bus route. EC90 XC wheels features the superior impact resistance of Easton’s proprietary ABC™ (Armored Ballistic Composite) materials. Easton EC90XC Carbon wheels. These have so far been "bomb proof" but I'm a pretty light rider. super lightweight! I used a 150g Ritchey flat bar before I tried this, and I was amazed at how much stiffer and more secure this bar felt while weighing less. May be too light for people who ride in the backcountry. So far they've held up nicely to some technical, steep, and rocky DH. Well, since I've had these bars I've beat the hell out of them. Have had many compliments on these. Apr 8, 2019 Trevor Raab. 1st set of carbon wheels I have evver owned.