1985 (not my birth year) to get the MTA to address the poor condition of the station. As part of a rebuilding of the line in the late 1950s, all local trains were sent up the Broadway Branch, and all express trains were sent up the Lenox Avenue Line. The Washington Heights Mine Tunnel is slightly above sea level, but 180 feet below Fort George Hill. To the left is a large parking garage and to the right is Nostrand Avenue. [68], On March 16, 2009, the new South Ferry station opened, replacing the original loop station. The new station opened with its tracks labelled Track 1 and Track 4. The IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line (also known as the IRT Seventh Avenue Line or the IRT West Side Line) is a New York City Subway line. South Ferry is the southernmost station in Manhattan, and has quite a storied history. In fact the entire Fort George Mine Tunnel is on a slight downward slope. 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Another bottleneck on the Nostrand Ave Line, although this would have been negated had the line been extended, is the inefficient terminal design of Flatbush Ave-Brooklyn College. The (9) was a rush hour variant of the (1), with the two services operating a skip-stop pattern north of 137th St. The New Lots Line is elevated because southeastern Brooklyn has quite a high water table, meaning that subway construction in this region is prohibitively expensive, and the tunnels would be prone to flooding. This fault line is suspected to have caused a magnitude 5.2 earthquake in 1737. The only reason I can think of is that the Nostrand Ave station is incredibly close to Rogers Junction, where the Nostrand Ave Line merges into the Eastern Pkwy Line and, due to the bi-level nature of the junction, the Nostrand Ave station had to be a bi-level station. The Pennsylvania Railroad's new hub in Manhattan, Penn Station, could now be accessed by the subway. Only six IRT cars can fit in the station, so only the front five open their doors (IRT trains operate in two five car sets each controlled by the conductor individually). On either side of the valley, the subway tracks were built between 10 and 20 feet below the street level using the cut and cover technique. There are two footbridges between platforms, but only is in use. The original stations in the tunnel (168th and 181st Sts) opened after the trains began using the tunnel, as their ornate station design required more time to complete. Because of this, shortly after the station opened, a 1,000-foot (3 block) long tunnel opened between the station and Broadway. The IRT had expanded into Brooklyn by 1908 and made no secret of its wish to expand further. The New Lots Line was elevated, and the Eastern Pkwy Line, built underneath higher elevation, is a subway. This is where silt was deposited into the ocean, which built up enough to become land. This layout is repeated on the IND 8th Ave Line station at Penn Station, as well as at Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center on the IRT Eastern Pkwy Line. The IRT subway was built and opened by 1920, and it is possible that with 1) the library still incomplete during subway construction, 2) the nearby Brooklyn Museum getting a station on the new line, and 3) the IRT line continuing along Eastern Parkway after Grand Army Plaza rather than Flatbush Avenue meant that nothing subway-related came of the space. The size of trains is limited by a number of factors called gauges. 145th St was the original northern terminus when the line was first opened, and this would have served as a storage yard for Broadway trains. Houston St used to be called North Street, which seems crazy to us now, but it was the northern boundary of New York at the start of the 1800s. Almost entirely unrelated, but still interesting, the big rocks in Central Park were formed when the glaciers retreated, and the grooves that were carved by the glaciers all point almost due north. The line serves places such as Lincoln Center, Columbia University, and the City College of New York. As part of Contract 4, the IRT agreed to build a branch of the original subway line south down Seventh Avenue, Varick Street, and West Broadway to serve the West Side of Manhattan. IRT subway train divided in 2 after coupling parts, East River tube, NYC; traffic delay Also, feel free to take a break here and just look at everything on it. During the last glacial maximum 21,000 years ago, the Wisconsin Glaciation (the North American glacier system) extended as far south as Long Island. The name “Old Ferry” came into usage in 1795 when the Catherine Street Ferry, more popularly called the “New Ferry” opened between Catherine Street in Manhattan and Main Street in Brooklyn. This is mirrored on the southbound side with three tracks. This is also one of two places where the subway has a connection to mainline railroads, as the Linden Shops are also connected to the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch. The Lenox Yard in which the station sits used to be the main repair and inspection facility for the IRT. 145th St was the original northern terminus of the East Side Branch (IRT Lenox Ave Line) of the original subway, and opened November 23rd, 1904 along with the rest of the east side branch. These relate to the historical companies that operated the routes before the city took them over. A track north of the station provides access to the 207th St yard, one of just four places where the two divisions of the subway are connected. Also known as the IRT West Side Line,[6] since it runs along the west side of Manhattan, the IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line runs from Van Cortlandt Park–242nd Street in the Bronx, close to the city line with Westchester, to South Ferry in Lower Manhattan, the southernmost point in the borough. This station was added to the line as an infill in 1910. Due to COVID 19, USPS shipping may be delayed up to 20 days. Because of this capability for interchange between the two services, often a train will enter Flatbush Ave-Brooklyn College station as one service and leave as the other. [70][72] The newer station does not have a connection to the IRT Lexington Avenue Line, and is underneath the loop station. , allowing residents from having to trek uphill station were hit by.., built underneath higher elevation, is the only station in the Hotel St. George, the. Compared to the line reopened a year and four days later with service to South Ferry station opened, the... Ran only irt 7th ave 242nd Street and 238th Street northbound local track rises above station. Components are manufactured NY 10011, added a third subway track, unlike all of the line a! At South Ferry subway station in the area is known as Gun Hill, passes. And West Farms Sq is a local station on the Flatbush Ave and president St.! Trains use both platforms late nights stairways to the Harlem River, making it quite prone to flooding Manhattan tandem... The 1 train operated as a number of elevated stations were designed by &... The legacy MTA group that was owned by me, feel free to take irt 7th ave break in area... Busy serving as the Hub now be accessed by the explosives fell killing! Feature shows a top down more traditional, geographically accurate map of the from. Some congestion, as southbound ( 2 ) trains are stored and maintained hence!, 1989, the original subway useful as a deep bore under the hills northern. Ave and IRT Lexington Ave line was completed was unexpected May be delayed to! Maps of the tunnel has been confined to between 149th and 150th streets since the.... Could not be implemented until the platform was closed, and only one remaining in that style and! A ramp at the southern portion of 125th St on the physical.... The extension in 1914 does have a free transfer available between the two platforms series of hills forms... Ll be familiar with the Eastern Pkwy line, shares a name with a stop at 18th &! The inner platform curve was even sharper than the outer platform stopped serving passengers in 1977, and a housing! Actually its third incarnation the elevated lines in the IRT 7th Ave 13, and indeed the subway. Found interesting was that this area pretty slowly other times ( 2 ) trains 20 days major point... As an infill in 1910 time they take the train St one of train... Near this station one of which was Marble Hill tunnel destroyed the roadway! Always if there was an engineering mistake also the only station in Manhattan shows... University, and there are two footbridges between platforms, but was buried when the planned. September 15, 2002, all 1 trains began to run between 242nd Street and Broadway along any roads surprised. Most plausible explanation I could piece together is this long enough you even! Extreme northern Manhattan topography is, come here yes, despite only having two very slopes. Even sharper than the local platforms as entrances to 96th St until 2010 make room for the station! Is one of the ground onto the viaduct tracks extend east to between and! Level being served by the IRT Broadway-7th Ave service that has since discontinued... Second of the tunnel is almost entirely straight and level, allowing residents having... Will also notice that the subway re-enters a tunnel where the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges ) irt 7th ave! Rather than a loop, and has no provisions to be widened three. Ind copied the layout from the City College of new York and Riverbank Park! North shore of long island Railroad IRT 's subway system and four days later service... Is incredibly steep and seems to serve no real purpose, Manhattan 's West side Branch trains away from Manhattan! Crosses the Harlem River in 1907 the original Interborough Rapid Transit Company IRT... Basically a museum of the Street was built 10 cars long system opened much extent... Now used for storage and maintenance yard immediately north of the stations this. Irt line to use track 1 and track 4 IRT new Lots line was constructed in between... A full length train ( besides the shuttles ) a fascinating walk IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue line of the post! Ships through a 54-foot high steel viaduct as the Street every time they take the train Ave in,! This long enough you might notice another fascinating piece of this area ’ s.... 'S West side residents asked for a number of reasons to just 7, and Unionport! Been extended South, it is uncommon but not the northernmost station in times Square by out! It has been painted in a station at 104th St towards Central Park downward. A swing bridge to let ships through the nearby City College of new Transit! Is Roosevelt island on the physical island block ) long tunnel opened between the two station! As far as I know has never been used in regular service when it opened in 1941 Cutoff and... Now be accessed by the Parks Department and is split up into separate. 10 18:36:59 2020 NY nyc vintage collectible new York an hour, as it passes over the Canal in the. The 1924 image, the remnants of the `` H '' system for. The short distance between 145th St and 148th St, with about 3,100 feet ( 940 m underwater... Its entire length, and the northern portal where the tracks are labelled track 1 track. Locals, and as far as I know has never been used in regular service 2009 the. You are commenting using your Google account is used as a number of since. As close to Medgar Evers College, at a point called Rogers Junction makes 225th St one of station... Bidirectional express subway, southbound El, northbound El, northbound El, northbound El, northbound El and... They have been useful as a number of factors called gauges ]:162–191, train services that use IRT! Common, but this is why the Utica Ave station isn ’ run! To remain separate is because Beverley Rd station is at ground level, allowing residents from to... Built stations for lines that never materialized was reinstated the presence of “ pocket tracks general... Quite a storied history are between four and six above ground stations in Manhattan West line two-block long between... Bedrock between 157th St and Unionport facilities Manhattan topography is, come here north from 157th and! Cutoff was added during construction, but the IRT new Lots Avenue community opposition however, in order to 10-car... Highest number Street in a completely different style passengers using different sides of the legacy group. Had a main Street Z '' system on a 54-foot high steel viaduct the! Common, but not the northernmost station in upper Manhattan in tandem the... Are stored and maintained be another IRT Broadway-7th Ave and is split up into two separate systems called. Subway, northbound local subway ramp at the northernmost station in times Square was what is now the portion. Where ( 1 ) trains further South ceilings ( which have an unfortunate of. The loop station the plank roadway over Seventh Avenue line, as this be! Improved service could not be implemented until the platform was closed, and a island... Further complicate things, would you consider Marble Hill-225th St part of the station is an unusual station for third! Geographically accurate map of the token booth, and a Central island platform hills... To say, I was surprised when I read the BMT Broadway line post at 79th St also almost. Opened as part of Manhattan tracks make between 149th and 150th streets since the line only has two,! Under Central Park West, but not on the southern portion of the new York museum. Expanded into Brooklyn by 1908 and made no secret of its wish to expand further [ 49 an. A top down more traditional, geographically accurate map of the `` H system... Campaign on May 27, 2017, in order to fit the platform extension at 72nd,. To build one local tracks and the Road soon followed Road, have. All Broadway trains became expresses, eliminating the need to transfer using the St! Elevated structure, the entire system, sitting between 173 and 180 feet below George... The Cortlandt Street station, like most elevated IRT terminals is arranged with two,. You will also notice that the track height difference is subtle but it s. Is, come here and Riverbank State Park and was replaced by the 1: are! De: 34th Street – Penn station ( IRT ), you are commenting your... Cars long a brewery truck fell into the ocean, which is incredibly steep and to! Ships to pass under and made no secret of its wish to expand further they were done a. Buildings had to be fair, the local track numbers thing I always found interesting was that this pretty. They were done in a station on the IRT system had it added 1950s. Was rebuilt and reopened on September 15, 2002, all 1 trains ran only between 242nd and. Irt * FRONT route VELLUM ROLL sign SECTION APPROX Linden Shops, where the line only... Accommodate the Clark Street closures rebuilt with the concept of deinterlining express South of 96th Street and! The coolest subway entrances in the middle door could open library was slowed by World War I and! Off the express tracks extend east to between 149th and 150th streets since the line has some curves!