Rośliny dobrze się krzewią, wcześnie kwitną. Versatile sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) looks charming when used in mass plantings, as border plants, or even to brighten up a patio as a container plant. A party in the garden with red, lacy flowers that bloom from early spring well into fall. Dianthus. Dianthus means divine flower There are over 300 species of Dianthus, as well as hundreds of beautiful hybrids Dianthus Plants produce richly fragrant flowers in the spring or summer, sometimes extending right up until the first frost! Dianthus Dinamic to ciekawa seria goździka kwitnącego w pierwszym roku po posadzeniu. A little bit about dianthus. Genus Dianthus can be annuals, evergreen perennials or subshrubs with narrow, often greyish leaves and showy flowers that are frequently fragrant . Dianthus Care. Dianthus is a colorful perennial bloomer that includes about 300 varieties, including the familiar sweet William, carnation and pinks. A member of the carnation family, dianthus looks and often smells like a miniature carnation plant. Here’s a few of the basic species from which many cultivars have been bred, and … Genus Dianthus can be annuals, evergreen perennials or subshrubs with narrow, often greyish leaves and showy flowers that are frequently fragrant Details [Rockin' Red] is a bushy, short-lived perennial to 60cm tall that is often grown as an annual or biennial. A compact dianthus plant that grows to about 25cm. Dianthus Plants How to Grow and Care for Carnations, Pinks and Sweet Williams. Bloom Time: Late spring through frost. Dianthus species vary in hardiness and size most are ideal for rockeries or small perennial borders, and some are suitable for alpine troughs. How to Care for Dianthus Barbatus. However, this is a matter of personal preference. Deadhead after flowering to promote a second flush of flowers. Sweet Williams are biennial or short-lived perennials covered with bicolor flowers in late spring. Flowers: Red with white edged blooms, 4 inches wide, best for borders Common Name: Pinks, Cheddar Pink, China pink, Indian Pinks Botanical name: Dianthus chinensis In hues of yellow, red, pink, and white, dianthus flowers are widely popular. Rośliny dobrze się krzewią, wcześnie kwitną. Fragrance Height/Spread: Upright stature, 12-24 inches tall, 12 inches wide . Growing Information: Culture Guidelines. This dynamite series will keep perennial borders rocking for years to come, thanks to vivid colour, durable performance and count-on-it overwintering! This selection is midsized, with upright stems of lightly fragrant, lacy, vivid red single flowers. Sweet Williams (Dianthus barbatus), grown as biennials for early summer flowers, are also part of the Dianthus … Dianthus … Dianthus barbatus. Dash Crimson Dianthus. Dianthus, Rockin' Red Buy Any 3 Perennial Plants or Bulbs & Save 20% Buy Any 3 Perennial Plants or Bulbs & Save 20%. Also known as Sweet William or Pinks, dianthus blooms in a variety of colors, including white, pink, red, rose, lavender and yellow. Blooms in spring, again in … Jul 27, 2019 - How to Care for Red Dianthus. across (4 cm), adorned with a darker crimson eye. There are more 300 species containing many varieties of red dianthus, including single- and double-blossom flowers. Propagating Dianthus. Dianthus Rockin'™ Red. 50% OFF 'Barbarini Red' offers large, fragrant clusters of deep red flowers with lavender-rose centers in June amid glossy deep green foliage that form compact mounds. Zones: 3-9. Depending on the variety, foliage may be grayish-green to bright green. Types of Dianthus. Intro: Dianthus flowers are perfect for plant containers and will bring a splash of color to any urban balcony garden. The red, pink, white and purple shades of dianthus may be overpowered by bright orange marigolds or intensely colored Kniphofia (red hot pokers). Rockin' the garden! Dianthus are drought-tolerant plants for sunny spots at the edge of a flower bed or a path. Dianthus 'Frosty Fire' (Pink) is an eye-catching evergreen perennial with masses of fragrant, fiery red, double flowers, 1 in. see more; Family Caryophyllaceae . Pinks are low-growing dianthus suitable for rock gardens. Growing 15 to 20 inches tall, ‘Dash Crimson’ forms ball-like, dark red flower heads throughout the spring and summer. Great For: Plant with Campanula and Aquilegia, Combine with Salvia and Artemisia. They are perennials that bloom in mid- to late spring and their flowers smell faintly of cloves. Which is why this is such a popular flower! In general the rule of thumb is that perennial dianthus are best propagated by cuttings and annual dianthus are best propagated by the seeds. These are a pest free plant and require little maintenance. All are best in a sunny position in a humus rich well drained soil. A little water during long dry spells is appreciated. Dianthus 'Dash Crimson' The sweetly fragrant, sweet William-type flowers of ‘Dash Crimson’ dianthus are a lovely addition to containers or flower borders. These come in one glorious June flush. The carnation, favoured by florists, is a relative of the pink but does not offer the clove-like scent of a pink. A cottage garden favorite, Dianthus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Caryophyllaceae.Of the 300 species, most are native to Europe and Asia, a few are indigenous to north Africa, and one alpine species is native to the arctic regions of North America. Dianthus 'Rockin' Red' is: Deciduous. Carnations are taller and good for bouquets but tend to be less hardy than other dianthus. Limited time only. Seeds available here Garden Pinks - Dianthus species are a star of the garden in June.