Elena's unusual path through the Gulf of Mexico, which included a loop, caused many people to evacuate from the coastline. It was the first major storm to wreak havoc in South Florida in over 30 years, with the previous being Hurricane Donna. Hurricane Donna is born. Do not stay in areas that are low in the ground. Days Active – August 29, 1960 – September 14, 1960. Donna weakened over Florida and was a Category 2 hurricane when it re-emerged into the Atlantic from North Florida. Andrew left more than 250,000 people homeless and … Donna followed a general west-northwestward track for the following five days, passing over the northern Leeward Islands on the 4th and 5th as a Category 4 hurricane and then to the north of Puerto Rico later on the 5th. This category has the following 148 subcategories, out of 148 total. Formed: August 29, 1960: Dissipated: September 14, 1960: Highest winds: 1-minute sustained: 145 mph (230 km/h) Lowest … There was considerable damage along the south shore of Long Island and into New England with a storm surge of 5 to 10 feet. Hurricane Donna in 1960 While the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 came and went very quickly, 1960 saw a powerful hurricane maintain its destructive force for a long time. The copy from the National Weather Service charts below shows that Donna was a typical September hurricane originating far out in the Atlantic, traveling northwestwardly and recurving northward. Sixty years ago this weekend, Berks County was under the gun of the remnants of Hurricane Donna, a Category 4 storm eventually blamed for 364 deaths. Truly, it is in the darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us.. Meister Eckhart. The system quickly intensified as it moved over the Atlantic, becoming a hurricane on 1 September. Donna, classified as a hurricane made landfall on September 12, 1960. It moved across the ... Hispanola, Cuba, The Bahamas, and every state on the East Coast of the United States. The fourth named storm and second hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, Dorian formed on July 7 after it was classified as a potential tropical cyclone.It strengthened gradually due to less wind shear and warm waters and it reached its peak intensity on July 10. The highest classification in the scale, Category 5, consists of storms with sustained winds of at least 157 mph.See the table to the right for all five categories with wind speeds in various units. Donna was first detected as a tropical wave moving off the African coast, on August 29.Dojnna followed a general West Northwestward track for five days, passing overt the northern Leeward Islands on the 4th and 5th as a category 4 hurricane and then to the North of Puerto Rico llater on the 5th. Weather Underground provides tracking maps, 5-day forecasts, computer models, satellite imagery and detailed storm statistics for tracking and forecasting Major Hurricane Donna Tracker. This category has tropical storms or hurricanes that hit or affected Virginia: Pages in category "Hurricanes in Virginia" The following 6 pages are in this category, out of 6 total. To the west, parts of the New York City … The storm then weakened over the next few days, making multiple landfalls in The Bahamas as a Category 3 hurricane. Wind gusts of up to 130 mph were recorded in Rhode Island and there was significant damage as far north as Maine. It happened in 1960. Storm path. Hurricane Donna was a Cape Verde-type hurricane. Description: This map created by FCIT shows the track of hurricane Donna in 1960. Donna intensified to a Category 4 hurricane early on September 6, and attained peak winds of 145 mph (230 km/h) twenty-four hours later. On August 29, 1960, the storm that would become Hurricane Donna forms near Cape Verde off the African coast. Hurricane Safety . By early on September 12, the storm made landfall near Topsail Beach, North Carolina as a strong Category 2 hurricane. Casualties – approx 300. Hurricane Dorian strengthens to a Category 4 storm, National Hurricane Center says By Rosa Flores , Dakin Andone , Madeline Holcombe and Amir Vera , CNN … Sept 11, 1960 Hurricane Donna was the strongest hurricane of the year. The legend shows the different categories of hurricanes as follows: Cat 5 (dark red), Cat 4 (red), Cat 3 (orange), Cat 2 (yellow), Cat 1 (green), tropical storm (teal), tropical depression (blue), and lower category (purple). Affected Regions. Hurricane Donna caused lots of trouble. Media in category "Effects of Hurricane Donna in Florida" The following 45 files are in this category, out of 45 total. Hurricane Donna. Hurricane Florence, a Category 3 storm, is expected to hit the southeastern coast of the United States in the coming days. At 00:00 UTC on 6 May, after re-tracking through Vanuatu and beginning a southward track, Donna attained its initial peak as a Category 4 cyclone. There was a Category 3 hurricane in September, Ethel, which briefly existed in the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Elena was a category 3 major hurricane that caused heavy damage along the Gulf Coast of the United States in August and September of the 1985 Atlantic hurricane season. Note: The count begins with, and includes, the day after the last category 5 dissipated, ending with and including the day before the next category 5 developed. Hurricane Donna was a category 4 almost threw everywhere she went. The entire land that was hit by hurricane Donna took about 1-2 years to recover. Oct 10, 1967. Donna turned westward on September 7 and passed through the southeastern Bahamas. In all, the storm caused approximately $2 billion in damages. Hurricane Donna Photos By Jerry Wilkinson- Hurricane Donna was a category 4 hurricane comparable to Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Donna made another landfall on Long Island late on September 12th at Westhampton as a Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 95 mph.