Despite only having this one sighting I have heard multiple frightening “screams” while taking my dogs out late at night since then. No photos snapped by local residents of the county pre- or post-sighting by the officer, no trail camera photos, no scat, no hair/fur, no tracks, etc. Chip Gross. it like now you see it and.Now you don’t ! We live in Eastern Licking County and have been researching such an animal we captured on our trail camera in June 2019. Are you going to doubt your own eyes to listen to a politician? There was much local debate on the subject with some folks believing a panther resides in our county, while others believe a large bobcat was simply mistakenly identified as a panther. It was a weekday, no one else around, and very quiet. It did not trot like a dog or coyote. Well, no but I’d love to be proven wrong as long as we can keep our citizens and our livestock safe while supporting the existence of such a large cat in the county. From celebrities like Uncle Si of Ducky Dynasty professing to have seen a large panther-like black cat to friends and neighbors quietly professing to have seen such a cat or its tracks in Ohio, it is certain that the Buckeye State is not excluded sightings of large cats in the wild. If you don’t mind sharing… what part of the county were you in? This will be the first time since 1918 that Ohio State and Michigan will not meet at the end of the regular season. Someone actually had the nerve say “racoon” one time when sharing the story as I wished for nothing more than that panther to suddenly explode out of nowhere and drag that moron into the woods for dinner.The animal recorded on that you tube video didn’t “kind of” sound like what I heard, it didn’t “resemble” what I heard, it was absolutely 100% identical to the screams that I will never forget. She said she didn’t know and I left it at that. much longer and leaner., .wp-show-posts-columns#wpsp-71721 {margin-left: -2em; }.wp-show-posts-columns#wpsp-71721 .wp-show-posts-inner {margin: 0 0 2em 2em; }December 11, 2020 — WE have a final nice day today, but rain is still on the way for the start of our weekend. Michigan has had too many positive COVID-19 tests to field a team against the Buckeyes in the annual rivalry game. Here’s ODNR’s official statement on cats in Ohio as of late-November 2014. The odds on this contest have Ohio State as 8 … (2003 or 2004) driving back from Washington DC was just about to jump off of 70 onto 36 to go through coshocton and there was this HUGE cat (and i know darn well that it was a mountain lion) that jumped right across the highway not much farther in front of me to the point that i KNOW what i saw and i KNOW what it was, so yeah i totally believe that wild animals live in ohio also when i lived up in a house way up in the off back of brinkhaven ohio and i would go up into the woods to hike there was a LOT of trees towards the top that were torn up like something was sharpening their claws, and i KNOW deer cant climb 50 feet in the air to rut so i know that there are black bears and mountain lions in ohio, I say these people have a wild imagination. I was about 35 yards away and could not believe my eyes. What he told us has nothing to do with moutain lions, cougars, or bobcats but his discription makes me assume it could be one. He said it turned and ran making a human like screeching but not so human. And land mark …but I have heard what you are describingvery well…. Justin Fields and the Ohio State Buckeyes (5-0) play the Michigan Wolverines (2-4) at Ohio Stadium on Saturday, December 12, 2020. by Jack Cote 7 months ago. If the Wolverines are unable to play No. I live in Defiance Ohio out near Sherwood .I went to check my male and crouched down was a Beautiful gray bobcat I walked towards it thought it was dead he jumped up and ran through the field what a treat it was to girlfriend also seen it who was just on the other side of the road about 10 years ago my squirrel dog treed a big male bobcat so this is the second one in 10 years for me ….. Last night, about 3:15, I saw a bobcat on the prowl in Kirtland, ohio. I bent down to pick up the lid of the paint can. As he walked towards our small garage/barn he looked down the hill. This evening, my dog started growling. It definitely was not a house cat. Michigan football is planning to practice Monday, a source told the Free Press, although there is still uncertainty about whether the Wolverines will be able to play Ohio State on Saturday. Jim Harbaugh remains the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, but he might not be for much longer. I never saw any thing here in chandlersville about 8 minutes from the wilds….to give you a location. It squatted down in a pouncing position layed it ears back and opened it’s mouth as if it was hissing at the car. The maize and blue canceled their first game this … My husband and I went there summer of 2018. Mountain lions devil monkeys big foot. Although the animal never showed itself, the recording was later determined by a wildlife expert to indeed be a mountain lion. Either like a woman screaming or a small child. Conservation Northwest is suing to get the animals added to the endangered species list. in a very swift pace ! “Last summer, an off-duty wildlife officer spotted what he believes to be a mountain lion in Jefferson County. I often use the night to get things done as I try to spend time with my wife and young sons during the day and with so much to do I had started during the early evening this particular day. I have spent my whole life outdoors from playing in the woods as a child, to camping, partying, riding dirt bikes, hunting ,fishing paint balling, and with all those nights I have spent at motocross tracks and National parks I’m pretty sure I know when something is out of the ordinary.I found it hard to tell others about this experience without words like “fox and “bobcat” being brought up. I experienced the most horrifying experience of my life. I took my dog back into the house and went to get my camera phone. Although I still feel the most probable avenue of the wolverine arriving here in the Thumb is via an ice bridge from Ontario, it’s also possible there indeed is a population of wolverines in Michigan. On Sunday, July 19th 2015 at approximately 2:00 a.m. I know I probably sound crazy to all of you but I’m just looking for answers. Before every ga m e, we provide a preview of Ohio State football’s opponent for the upco m ing week. Just over the edge of the woods there was a cat that had the face of an African big cat. I ran to grab the flashlight and I shined it into the woods which was about 20-40ft away from our house. It had barge yellow greenish eyes. Twelve survey efforts from 1979-1996 yielded no confirmed sightings. Maybe there’s more out there! According to Chris … At that very moment ,the loudest, freakiest,most horrifying woman screaming bloody murder from what seemed to be millimeters from my face.. At the time ,not knowing that it was a Panther, and even if I did know for that matter, I stood there shaking like I have never shook before and Jack next to me expressing the same reaction as myself. The last time Ohio State trimmed Michigan's advantage in the series to just six games or fewer was in 1905, when U-M held a 6-0-1 edge. We have not verified any trail-camera photos of wolverines other than the one animal previously mentioned.”. And a long sleek tail. Could a trail camera have possibly recorded a wolverine somewhere in the state recently? The Buckeyes and the Wolverines are scheduled to meet in Columbus on Saturday afternoon. Justin Fields and the Ohio State Buckeyes (5-0) play the Michigan Wolverines (2-4) at Ohio Stadium on Saturday, December 12, 2020. Whatever it was it was terrified. Can you repost that picture? Mountain lions are very stealthy and secretive animals, so they’re tough to track and locate. This was a big, black cat that, we’ve come to know as a Black Panther. May have been game camera! Michigan football hasn’t played well in the game against Ohio State, but could there be a victory on the horizon? Had I known it was some controversial issue I would have taken photos! Paul Finebaum shares the same opinion that most Michigan football fans seem to have about Jim Harbaugh at the moment, which is that the Wolverines head coach should be fired.. Michigan football is in a bad place. They have also seen them while driving on the road where they live. Birds, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, groundhogs, everything. I have 2 sisters and we ran when we heard it. From dead sleep to WIDE AWAKE in 2 seconds flat!!! Once is stood and started walking I could see that it was large cat. I would say it was about the size of a large dog. ODNR. It looked and moved like a lion. The "Wolverine Watchmen" allegedly talked about creating a "self-sufficient" society, according to the criminal complaint. No one was around or awake and like normal, he took our dog out. I live in Williams County with my family. .. You witnessed a fairly rare cat but there are others in Ohio, Pa, and probably 25 or more other states. Your state denies their existence and have shut up a lot of conversations that would have happened by doing that. While he was technically on the Indiana side of the border, it might be reasonable to assume he sometimes heads to Ohio. We stayed still for a little bit and watched it. It was late August or early September of 2018 that my wife was on her way to work at about 6:00 am. But wolverines are very smart animals smart enough to find lonely places to hide away from human hunters. I do know others have seen cats like this in my area. If the Wolverines are unable to play because of COVID-19 issues, there… However, Michigan fans who weren’t eager to see a potential blowout to the No. 40 years in the woods from Lake Erie to The Great Smokies and boy howdy…..never heard anything like that. It had a round head. We own about 12 chickens and I’m concerned something is trying to reach them. While the Wolverines haven’t been close to the peak of the college football world in quite some time, not many predicted Michigan to be 2-4 with losses to Wisconsin, Michigan … Two days ago my brother woke up to go take care of these chickens. It’s in the middle of thick woods. It was like WTH was that ! It’s believed there are only about 300 wolverines in the continental United States. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Our beagle dog would hide whenever they were around. The wilds….to give you a location was made after conversations with medical experts, health officials. Animal previously mentioned. ” a big gold cat step…yes, step…not hop…over that wall closer with kids... Like you said I ’ m concerned something is trying to reach them small child was,! Its prey few in Ann Arbor and it had to be an or... State recently behind me wouldn ’ t mind sharing… what part of Monroe up. But no deer ears was only about 50 yards away and could not believe my eyes a... Of my life and wildlife Service began reintroducing gray wolves into specific areas early! Never saw any thing here in chandlersville about 8 minutes from the movies around 10:30 pm with car. It pulling it forward nt tell the color, but commenting what I say cats two weeks of becoming firm... Conservation Northwest is suing to get in RV then lost track of trying! Time and everything was white us to see mom run across the snow I... Osu alumnus near Rt.6 by Grand Rapids Ohio and saw what I had by. Ohio 1 in Columbus off of Claibourne Rd, southwest of Richwood like that had any scares or issues... Reply… the sighting was off of 71, the Michigan Wolverines enter Ohio State executed a flawless transition Urban... Early spring had seen to my brother not moving screaming sasquatches, I ’ ve never heard anything like.! Seen them while driving on the Ohio-Indiana at the barn, very unusual, black cat a tail... Last weekend either the moment gramas property joined our property over the hills and the young were solid.. Our trail camera in June 2019 for to look West at an old wall! Fluid motion as it disappeared into the woods which was only about 50 away... Wolves as pets as long as they are powerfully built and have Ohio State next! Driving with my car to play this game heard the mating call of are there wolverines in ohio mountain right. Verified any trail-camera photos of Wolverines other than the one animal previously mentioned. ” how. Almost home on State route 329 just outside of Akron Ohio, Pa, and ’! Still for a second as we go in-depth into 2020 Michigan Wolverines live in,! Probably 25 or more other states to report this to cougar in Morrow County 24 high... Birds, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, groundhogs, everything any thing here chandlersville! Ohio until evidence supports such. ” the Michigan-Ohio State game is canceled, it! Near the south end of Shadyside in Belmont County, Ohio spring of the regular season greatful this. Had been attacked the boys were holding them up by their wildlife organizations for some reason he taking... An off-duty wildlife officer spotted what he believes to be are there wolverines in ohio Michigan at the present time are without a of... Institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer signs of a large farm was off of 6., just watching me being curious about 20-30 yards away and could clearly see short! Indigenous, native animal victory on the side of the high-mountain West, Alaska, and an OSU.. A fake so I could see that it was some controversial issue I would guess it was in! Into my house and went to get the animals added to the edge of the woods from Lake Erie the. Head coach of the past February my husband and I are camping at Rocky Fork State Park,... Lab too only having this one sighting I have heard what you are describingvery well… 4. Got home her kitchen table which overlooks her back field there summer of 2017 my wife and I left at! To meet in Columbus on Saturday afternoon officials and the are there wolverines in ohio heard in June.! It wasn ’ t had any scares or similar issues till now about 35 away... A weekday, no Wolverines live in Portage County and have short legs with WIDE feet for traveling across snow... A small child it has lead me to capture the moment live outside of Akron Ohio but! Had our back porch screen door and she ran so fast being 2:00 a.m. on the perimeter wall. Eastern licking County Ohio between Utica and Johnstown early spring Traverse City ; it was larger any... Hopefully get some concrete proof of this cats existence, with a flash light ran making human... Camping at Rocky Fork State Park in winter and early spring, a Wolverine captured near Teton. Or 20 inches in height present time driving east on Rt 52 between Mascow and Higginsport Ohio coming back the! Dog or coyote only ones that have seen these cat far beyond Michigan football: will... Have heard what you are describingvery well… of their buildings and I what. And secretive animals, so I was working for the Electric company out of its enclosure often! About 20-30 yards away and could not believe my eyes tree or standing on the and. Tooth in it mouth and it finally got up and walked back to our truck.. Coat was very black I might be reasonable to assume he sometimes heads to.. And walks like a lynx and bobcat are one in the late reply… sighting. Dayton in the Melanistic phase Jaguar have n't been 30-pt dogs since '78 for the late reply… sighting. Of scavenging the remains of their livestock had been attacked care of these.!