The hurricane center says there will likely be watches issued for Guatemala, Belize and the southern portion of the Yucatan Peninsula in the coming days. A U.S. Air Force recon mission on Tuesday found the storm to have a well-defined, closed center of circulation, which makes the system more likely to strengthen as long as it remains over open water. “It has a window of opportunity for strengthening and it could turn into a hurricane by Thursday,” said Spectrum Bay News 9 Meteorologist Josh Linker. Nana had sustained winds of 50 miles per hour and was moving west at 18 miles per hour at 5 p.m. Tuesday, according to the hurricane center. However, this is the first time the Greek letter Eta is being used as a storm name because after the 2005 season ended, meteorologists went back and determined there had been a storm that should have gotten a name but … The CDC's tips for this pandemic-hurricane season, Get your documents and your data ready for a storm, The stuff you’ll need to stay safe — and comfortable — for the storm, Your pets can’t get ready for a storm. The next name on the 2020 list is Nana, followed by Omar. 2020 tied for most named storms ... Jamaica, and heading west at 15 mph. Cuba has issued a hurricane watch as a storm system brews south of Jamaica, with forecasters expecting it to gain strength as it moves northwest towards the Gulf of Mexico. A Tropical Storm Watch has been issued for the Cuban province of La Habana. The island weather service also issues adequate warning messages, so that the necessary precautions can be taken. Tropical Storm Nana is the 14th named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Tropical storm watches were issued for the north coast of Honduras, Roatan Island and for the entire coast of Belize for Nana. ... there may be a second. The Caribbean and the Atlantic region generally experience few or no storms during the first two months (June and July) of the season. The storm is expected to … However, the latter portion of the season is regarded as the most active part of the season. “It has big rainmaker potential for Central America.”. At 10 a.m. EST Friday, Theta was located about 470 miles south-southeast of the Azores Islands, headed east at about 12 mph. Eta would be the 28th named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, tying a record set in 2005. Bay News 9′s forecast for the region calls for a 40 percent chance of rain Wednesday and a 50 percent chance Thursday. Eta is the 28th named Atlantic storm this season, tying the 2005 record for named storms. Dolly poses no threat to Jamaica. The National Hurricane Center announced Sunday night that a tropical depression has formed in the Caribbean Ocean. As of 8 p. m. , it had winds of 75 mph. As of 11 PM Saturday, Tropical Storm Eta has formed in the Caribbean Sea! Forecasters have had to resort to naming storms from the Greek alphabet after running out of storm names in September. June 23, 2020: Tropical Storm Christobal has formed in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and could track toward the US Gulf Coast in the coming days. Heavy rains also were likely in eastern Guatemala, southern Belize and Jamaica. However, if you are heading to Jamaica during the hurricane season for that perfect Caribbean vacations, you should always visit our web site. #Nana has formed south of Jamaica - the earliest forming 14th named storm of an Atlantic #hurricane season on record. This system poses no threat to #Jamaica. The hurricane center was watching two other systems in the Atlantic as of 5 p.m. Tuesday, both near the western coast of Africa. A magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck Tuesday about 80 miles from Jamaica, shaking people in the Caribbean and as far away as Miami. The storm is heading northwest at 9 mph. Tropical Storm Delta formed in the Caribbean Sea Monday morning, the 25th named storm in a historic hurricane season. ... it is hard to say exactly where the storm will go and therefore, exactly … The system is expected to diminish completely in the coming days, according to the hurricane center, while moving east into the open Atlantic. HURRICANE SEASON IS HERE: Get ready and stay informed at, PREPARE FOR COVID-19 AND THE STORM: The CDC's tips for this pandemic-hurricane season, PREPARE YOUR STUFF: Get your documents and your data ready for a storm, BUILD YOUR KIT: The stuff you’ll need to stay safe — and comfortable — for the storm, PROTECT YOUR PETS: Your pets can’t get ready for a storm. The storm is packing winds of 50 mph and was last reported to be traveling west at 18 mph. Protect yourself on the internet with Smart DNS & VPN service. According to the National Hurricane Center, the tropical depression is forecasted to pass near or just southwest of Jamaica The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is still upon us. Theta had top sustained winds of 60 mph. Tropical Storm Gamma is 150 miles north-northwest of Cozumel, Mexico. A Trough across Jamaica associated with Hurricane Iota 2020-11-16 07:19:36; Tropical Storm Nana southwest of Jamaica. Tropical Storm Omar also formed Tuesday off the coast of North Carolina but is expected to be a short-lived storm that poses no threat to land. By Jeff Masters, Ph.D. | Friday, October 30, ... when 96L will be in the western Caribbean southwest of Jamaica, conditions for development will still be favorable, with SSTs of 29.5 degrees Celsius (85°F), wind shear a moderate 10-15 knots, a moist atmosphere with a mid-level relative … June 2, 2020: Tropical Storm #Bertha has formed near the coast of South #Carolina this morning. There is, however, another storm brewing. This is also Jamaica’s primary rainy season, with monthly average rainfall generally exceeding 200 mm. Tropical Storm Nana formed Tuesday south of Jamaica. Nana is the earliest ever “N” storm to form, beating the previous record of Tropical Storm Nate, which formed on Sept. 6, 2005. It is forecast to still headed for a landfall on Friday along the central Gulf coast. Tropical Storm Nana formed Tuesday south of Jamaica and could become a Category 1 hurricane before making landfall with Belize, according to the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane Epsilon is heading off into the North Atlantic, but there is no rest for hurricane forecasters.

gtag('config', 'UA-23185844-2'); has become a hurricane and is expected to make landfall along the coast of, , forecast to reach category 3 before making landfall on the south coast of the, season.