Wendy, I hope you do get to visit the hospital. I went there as outpatient in 1995 during saf time. Mais le projet n’a pas abouti. We used to go and watch the open-air film shows on a huge screen in the car park and all the patients would crowd onto the various balconies to watch! Better commemerate it fast before it becomes any typical hotel-spa resort! I would like to believe that even tho this building stands probably as the “eeriest” building in Singapore, this eerieness is beautiful as it stands testimony to the trauma that happened, and then its subsequent abandonment and natural destruction. Who do I talk to to get approved access?? http://witcast.blogspot.sg/2015/01/raintr33-hotel-former-old-changi.html, This is the hotel’s official website: Traditional Provision Shops – Can They Stand the Test of Time? regards Elaine. Changi Hospital was a former hospital located in Changi, Singapore. i was born in old Changi hospital on 18th April 1964. You can say you are visiting on behalf of all we who were born there. many thanks. But I supposed the local people are much more superstitious, unecessarily superstitious, than all your parents!). Around this time, Old Changi Hospital, as it is popularly known, was declared to be one of the most haunted locations in Singapore. It was next to the lift lobby, and had only one stall that served Indian mixed rice at that time. I came back here when I was three years old so only have flashes of memory like Father Christmas arriving in a rowing boat. Google image here. There was a small canteen before the same staircase. , people beleive that the old changi hospital is haunted. The SAF ward was located in between SAF Psychomedicine branch at one end, and supposedly a special ward/room for inmates from nearby Changi prison. I remembered it was about 7.10pm when the Muslims believe that from 7 to about 7.30p.m, the Muslims were encourage not to go out from their house or stay in a shelter. Old Changi hospital is certainly creepy but I will not go as far as saying it is haunted. It was so awesome. When we visited, our escort had to go in first and disarm them. thanx for the reply :o). "Old Changi Hospital" redirects here. Just one year later, SAF Hospital was passed to the Ministry of Health (MOH), which opened it to the public. I was fascinated by them! But for unknown reasons, the plans never took off. They match the architecture of the 2nd floor in the picture on this link. The hospital was renamed as Anzuk Hospital, where the name Anzuk referred to the Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom armed forces. It really was dangerous to go in. In 1990 my father, husband and myself visited Singapore again and even though I don’t really remember my time there my father kept commenting how much the island had changed (for the better) and now we are hooked Since then we have returned 4 more times and plan to go again soon. Et le Old Changi Hospital a glissé dans l’abandon. Old Changi Hospital, situated on the small Barrack Hill along Netheravon Road, was a fascinating place with a long history, going all the way back to the mid-thirties as a small British military hospital called Royal Air Force Hospital. that was what i did, less spooky feeling. , Hi Linda, do you remember who you actually went with as I have contacted STB and finally after 2 weeks they have answered but was no help at all , Oh, that’s disappointing, Laine! After reading this article (and the one about old TTSH), the old Youngberg Hospital came to mind. Does anyone know how many RAF babies were born there? On this date, Changi Hospital was merged with Toa Payoh Hospital to create what came to be known as Changi General Hospital. Then I realize, maybe you can dedicate an article (or two) to the healthcare history of Singapore. We lived in a thatched house If anyone knows where the maternity ward was in the hospital (I believe it was 4th or 5th floor) can they let me know? I am keen to know the outcome of any ease bids, so may be able to contact the right party when I come over in Feb 13. Thanks for the update here. why does it look like haunted most people said inside the changi hospital have ghost as malay people said POCONG! While night comes , don’t look back when u are inside .. heard whispers beside u and behave normally .. last night me and my 2 frnds went to that hospital… but when we were about to reach main gate one of my frnd heard some whisper …so he ran away..and then after wards we 2 also left that place….have any one of u felt or heard anything over there??? I’d love to hear about it . Will definatly let you know anything i get to see. On the left of where this fence/barrier is where the mortuary is (should be demolished around 2000). My friend lived in a house in Halton Road. Timeline Contrary to popular belief, the place was never once felt eerie during my stay, even though the ward was almost empty, save for the two of us in the ward and the occasional checks by nurse and medic on duty, The ‘retro’ hospital vibe and quiet atmosphere actually helped me to sleep soundly every night. As soon as we stepped into the building, we heard a very loud hacking voice about a foot to the right side of us. thanx Linda, We left S’pore when I was 6 months old. It is not advisable to try to sneak in without permission. The hospital was previously known as Royal Air Force (RAF) Hospital and was merged with the Toa Payoh Hospital and renamed as the Changi General Hospital. Unfortunately did not see the hospital but I am going back sometime this year so I will have a look. I was born here, August 1966. I can’t seem to find that link anymore though. My Dad was a chef called Harvey & my Mum was a skinny little thing called called Evelyn and they we’re both geordies . There were 5 of us, and we parked our car at the bottom of the hill and hiked up to the main building at about 11pm on a Saturday night. I think that house was thatched too, Gail! Not necessarily from the inside! Linda, I live in the UK now. During World War II, Japan invaded Singapore, Malaya and several neighbouring countries. . Hi, I knew someone who did just tat…..by himself! The Hospital was built in 1935 to complement other installations in Changi, which was then a military base to defend the eastern coastal side of… 1927 : Clearing of land and construction began. With that comes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch some paranormal activities. I was a airman in raf change from 1969 until 1971 my best friend was in change hospital however I will be in changi next week I will visit the raintr 33 hotel I love singapore. Changi Hospital at the top of Halton Road. It is empty and quite run down, but you can see what a beautiful place it must have been. is there any way to enter without being detected ,,…. Wally Harmer, Like to visit there…. The hospital staff would come to work packed with their beach wear and go for afternoon swim at the Changi beach! Soldiers who still scour the wards for enemies. Among her were two of her other friends, both female. The abandoned, derelict buildings and its ghostly reputation were the basis for the 2010 mockumentary Haunted Changi I can’t believe I’ve stumbled upon this site and also to find so many other people who feel the same way as me . Trust me when I say that, those moments was terrifying and the excitement and adventures was not worth in exchange of what “followed” me home. . Old Changi Hospital in Singapore is one of the republic’s most infamous scariest haunted buildings. But all very interesting but really cant wait to see for myself….hopefully. Since 1997, the spot has been abandoned and reports of paranormal activity have been attributed to its name. The family name is Simmons, dad was posted to Penang initially but ended up at Changi would be great if theres anybody on here that knew him and mum (Pete & Pat). Getting to the most haunted spot in Singapore is simple. 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The hospital has its origins in the Royal Air Force set up, which took over much of Changi, including the former Kitchener Barracks after the Second World War. We lived there 72-73. Old Changi Hospital was vacated. The mortuary was turned into a seafood restaurant.But there is a tunnel which leads the restaurant itself to the hospital. Well just today after I waited so long when I can visit this place and today I saw it.When I really eager to visit this place when they filmed haunted changi in 2010 and also I saw many videos made by teenagers in the YouTube. 1942 : The British surrendered to the Japanese. “Unfortunately, we are unable to facilitate your site visit as the property is currently undergoing repair works and we do have safety concerns. Nathan (1924-2016) – President, Diplomat, Crisis Leader, Remembering Lee Kuan Yew, the Founding Father of Singapore (1923-2015), The Grandfather of Singapore Sculpture and his Joo Chiat Studio, The Emporium Legend Lim Tow Yong (1925-2012), A Persistent Opposition J. Several of the hospital's blocks were built in the 1930s as part of a British military base. Can you help clarify? Suffice to say the goosebumps remain till now even. Later then I know the history of that hospital. Hence, we are unable to allow public to enter the property to ensure public safety” To think back, seriously, will there be anyone or whoever wants to stay there? Mum says she was moved from a lower floor after I was born- which could be the second floor as you say Linda. So im not surprise if there will be any stories coming up to be heard when once the hotel is fully done. For remembrance of that place – a haunt of teenage bravado more than anything else – you can view the virtual tour I did here. Loved it and have been back many times but not to the hospital. Best of luck! Hi everyone I ended with a Alamak! Angela Merkel: HitlerR... Stagmont Camp’s Missing K... ITE Tampines Is Haunted; Sarimbun Camp; Jurong West Haunted; BMT in Tekong; Blk 36 Teban Gardens Road; Becareful Of Gumantong; Haunted Bukit Batok Natur... Selarang Camp; Random Posts. I was admitted in this hospital for a skin graft in 1967. Linda / Gail – I would be please to represent us all when I visit (if I can gain proper access). http://raintr33hotel.com/. Let us know if you get to go!! Is OCH available for a visit now? I have loads of photos of Singapore – but not of the hospital. If I do get any photos I’ll share them, but my Mum isn’t coming on the trip with me next Jan 13, so I am hoping to identify the right ward if I am allowed to go in. Regards, Which one of the two was the BMH? He mentioned that indeed he and fellow healthcare workers did encounter some though he has not “seen” but only “heard” their presence. Part One can be about Singapore’s healthcare workers, past and present. A lovely site. ( Log Out /  Today’s news just reported that SLA has put Old Changi Hospital for lease again. This is very special and almost mirrors my family story except that we moved to Canada from England when I was 4. You can actually enter the building from the side (Can’t really remember which side). The hospital was commissioned and named the Royal Air Force (RAF) Hospital. I would really love to visit it! I had a dog that went barking and howling at empty space, TV getting switched on when no one was touching the controller, feeling someone sat on my bed and I thought it was my mom, but no one was around, and me having sleep paralysis and hallucination about something laughing and choking me. The mortuary is a small squarish building with 3 freezers stacked on top of each other. It is so sad to see this building, which commands the most marvelous views across to the sea, being allowed to crumble slowly away. After a few weeks, I noticed it was not going to change to better. I thought that was pretty quick work since our visit there a year and a half ago. I sure hope you do get to go. In 2007, there were plans to convert the hospital into a spa-hotel-resort. I was born in Changi hospital in Jan 1952 ,my mum was a nurse from 1948 to 1952 with the WRAF , she told me stories of her first experiences of the apparitions in the nurses quarters and wards where she was woken in the night to see a figure tending to the bedding of her friend in the next bed, my mum screamed which woke her friend and on telling her what she had seen her hair visibly changed colour over the following week. We thought it would make a fabulous hotel! OKAAAAY! 2010 : The three-year lease ran out without any development at the site. I’ve seen that online. Well, if those that have been before may you all write more about it so that I can know more info about it as I always want too:). It mus be the same surgeon haunting the Changi Hospital. I’m glad to hear that they are making repairs! Feel interest to know about that what is the real news about this old unhabitale hospital…. Are either of you on facebook? I also want to get the Early Bird Books newsletter featuring great deals on ebooks. It will be my first trip back to Singapore in 60 years. So what is the verdict. Dean & I both thought this building, now abandoned and in decay up near the airport but my father just said no, the Alexandra – which is a fully operational community hospital way over in the south-west of the city. Empty morgues that are not really empty. I have always wanted to go back and see where i was born, so im really hoping i will be able to see the building even if i cant go inside…..dont really fancy breaking a leg or anything else in a derelict building. Dad was in the RAF. I visited Singapore in 2006 and got to walk around the hospital and grounds, snapping away with my camera, we returned again last year (2013) but found it was all fenced off. Dosen’t mean.U mean when u see old tampines road like that say haunted T_T. I realise it may be dangerouse to visit and would not like to get into any trouble but my Father died recently and I am desperate to visit. Good luck! As the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) started to take shape in the early seventies, the Commonwealth forces withdrew gradually. It is an odd looking room which entrance is from a corner of the corridor. His specialty is places that played a part in Singapore’s history; often that includes old heritage buildings at risk of demolition. I’m in Canada. He arranged an escort for us. Gail. Hi Lala. Sign up for The Lineup's newsletter, and get the creepiest locales delivered straight to your inbox. There is no such thing as spirits or ghost. Always feel part of Singapore and the Changi Hospital. These premises were vacated in 1997 after Changi Hospital merged with Toa Payoh Hospital to form Changi General Hospital. i remember visiting a friend there once. I have a few Singapore photos which I will digitalise and try to put up. Hi MartyThe British Milatary Hospital is the Alexandra Hospital. Miyajae, I agree with Laine! It was so awesome. . Actually inside the building was not creepy or whatsoever at all. I then swore at the skin graft surgeon. Her face was a picture as we went for a virtual stroll down the street to the house we had lived in . That might stir a few old spirits? I think you are right Ellen, after further investigation it looks like it was the old Commando Barracks (which I believe was part of the same estate as the hospital ) on the corner of Hendon Road and Netheravon Road that has been renovated into a hotel. Would really love to explore the place:), I went through the Singapore tourism board and they put me in contact with the right people at the time. Religion explain their visions as paranormal sightings. x), I was born May 20th 1950 in Changi Hospital. En 2006, une entreprise a acheté la propriété dans l’espoir de convertir l’hôpital en hôtel de luxe. The SAF Hospital merged with Changi Chalet Hospital in 1976 and renamed Changi Hospital, after the former was handed over to the Ministry of Health. For New Changi Hospital, see Changi General Hospital. Old Changi Hospital. I would love for that to happen though! Old Changi Hospital has a history that quite unfortunately is quite misunderstood. I would not sleep at nights and could not wait to get home. Gail, I got to go last month! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It might the security guard way of asking us to leave politely but it was just too much effort on the security guard part to be it. A photo taken by Instagram user mohobos went viral back in December 2014 because of what it happened to capture in the background. Thank you for your help, I have E-mailed them and will let you know how I got on. Anyhow- it is really cool to communicate with you all as I don’t know Singapore at all but have always longed to visit. 1935 : A hospital was built in the British military base in Changi and named RAF Hospital. Im visiting Singapore in November but just for 3 days before going onto Penang, but really want to visit the hospital as i was born there as well in May 1962. . There would be around 5-6 persons climbing up or down at any moment during daytime. , So would I. Hello there, may I say what a fantastic opportunity it will be for your son to study in Singapore and you have got to make the trip as well. Have they renovated the Hospital. i was born here in 1971 i came home 2 england a few months old but i would still love to go back there and often look at old photos , I was born there in 1971 also and returned to Scotland at 8 months old. We spent about 5 minutes looking around the periphery of the building, and then started walking into the building, which was partially lighted inside by the streetlamps below. Next year my eldest Son who is studying at Newcastle University is hoping to be able to do his third year at the National University of Singapore. As it was during the day, I did not find anything spooky. So much drama and hype. Old Changi Hospital. I’m visiting Singapore in June and would love to photograph this building? Some years later, I consulted doctor Christopher Cheok who used to work in Changi hospital as psychiatrist. suddenly all of us were running like hell. like this year? is that the case? If only you have shown me earlier , we have already booked our next trip to Singapore for this May but I will defiantly consider it next time. Haunted or not, the place is haunted with fond memories of my youth. They have sensors in place which need to be disarmed by the escorts they provide. ( Log Out /  Hello Paul , my name is Ian Harvey Robson & I was born just a couple of months before you on 8th February 1964 . Are there any guards and/or guard dogs at the guardhouse? As all of them were plain lazy, they decided to take a shortcut at the side of the building facing the carpark. Haunted stories about the hospital spread like wild fire, but the sources were never confirmed. I had to have a caesarean and my surgeon was RAF Squadron Leader Dutton. I doubt there”ll be any redevelopement there. Not at ALL creepy. The forgotten hospital was vacated once more. For my advice please don’t photograph or taking video at this place. Is there any way to get authorized access? I was just kidding about my swearing. I live in Canada now. The place was pretty peaceful and, how how should I put it, gave off a ‘retro’ hospital vibe I got at the old Alexandra hospital block, unlike the busy, crowded feeling I get at modern National University Hospital. I can give more details on google maps if needed. Contact the Singapore Tourism board and they will put you in touch with the right people. Back then, the stairs was still accessible and there were no motion censors. hello…. Hi, my name is Christine and I was born in Changi Hospital in 1959. My Father being in the RAF and posted out there for a two year period. Hi I have a lot of photos of the inside of the hospital from when I visited around 2000, If you ant them I am happy to send them to you for the website. The Old Changi Hospital is a former hospital in Changi, Singapore. A day they would see a few patients …. Thanks BUT how do I get access? Once, we went too near them and the security dogs went barking like mad. The Japanese invaded Singapore and they made Changi Hospital as the headquarters where thousands of lives were killed by the atrocities by the brutality of the Japanese. I suggest you contact the Singapore Land Authority and ask for permission to visit. With its peeling white walls and foreboding architecture, the abandoned Old Changi Hospital looks very much like the setting of a horror movie. It does not desrve to be left like this. I knew where the operating theatres, elevator engine room, the famous devil’s room and the mortuary are located. But still, i miss “adventure” to this place during night time. Hence, we are unable to allow public to enter the property to ensure public safety” so to be honest I personally would not chance it !!! I think SAF might have used Changi hospital as a spiritual asylum for those who encounter ghost. Paul. God have mercy on those poor souls there. Patients who don’t know they are dead. I suggest you bunch who are located outside of Singapore to make a trip down real soon. After this merge, the old hospital buildings remained abandoned and vacant. I wrote to the Singapore Tourism Board and they put me in touch with the officer in charge of the hospital. La raison officielle de cet échec était financière. Chatted with him and reminiscence about good ol’ Changi Hospital and of course the subject of hauntings creep up. There were security guards and the big dogs keeping watch. I know it is now deserted and supposedly haunted but I lost him and my parents recently and would love to see where I imagine they were at their happiest. The reason why it’s not being developed is the fact the place is extremely haunted. A fantastic well run medical facility and proud to have served there. For New Changi Hospital, see Changi General Hospital. Well, there is always one born, every minute. 1926 : Plans were drawn up for a British military base in Changi. Went back there again, for a graft to correct the original mess. It is like the rectangular corridor has only 3 sharp corners and a gaping hole at the place where the 4th corner should have been. History. Photo credit: Simone Lee. Hope you can go as well! My Parents are Barbara and Peter Sanderson, (Dad passed away in Feb 12) and we lived at Jalan Rabu on Thompson Garden Estate. This barrier is in front of the building with the hospital’s name. Thanks. Well, not to sound cliched, but my friends and I had an unusual(supernatural?) Just google Old Changi Hospital and look for the links with photos. Fish Farms at Seletar West Farmways to be Relocated? Saw the previous few posts that a permit is required. This is another true and unforgettable incident in March 2013. We lived on the base for a few year ’74/75 as my dad was RAMC and I recall we first had a house on top of the hill and you had to pass the mortuary to get there, which terrified our Chinese amah. We used to go up and down to each others’ houses in complete darkness. I find it a little sad that a large part of it is now converted into some swanky outfits. Or can I just enter myself? Linda, How thrilling for you. I ended with a double skin grated mess on the second skin graft of the original graft. he memory isn’t clear on which floor. With the state of some of the stairs and hallways, you could get badly hurt by going in there in the dark. Since then, it has never been able to revert back normally to its “clean reputation”, and urban myths about ghosts have always plagued the building (yes, even throughout the years that you guys were born. good luck! ( Log Out /  The SAF Hospital merged with Changi Chalet Hospital in 1976 and renamed Changi Hospital, after the former was handed over to the Ministry of Health. my heart was pounding and im like: omg omg dun let the dog catch me and bite my leg off. Was born there 29th Oct 1955 and while I have been on the outside, would love to see inside before they do anything. Recalling from memories, I found the famous devil’s room being the strangest thing in the entire hospital. I know it is unlikely to happen, but you never know! Hi all, I have just had a brainwave, does anyone know if it is possible to obtain our old hospital records from here. I thought it was a good idea to link up on Facebook – until I saw how many Linda Rosengrens there were! I’d advise doing that. yea passby there recently and saw a big signage up for lease, few years back some foreigners bid to run a spa hotel but for unknown reasons never materialise, 2 years back saw SLA clearing up the area and now all fence up, wonder why nobody consider turn this into a horror theme park cum hotel ??? Changi Hospital (usually referred to as Old Changi Hospital due to the fact there is a newer Changi General Hospital) was built in 1935 as the Royal Air Force Hospital. He was very good to me. Is the OCH still at halton road my parents told me that the place has turned into a restaurant. I doubt there’s a way you can get pass the authority to get in the hospital. Also checked myself into outpatient emergency services for an asthmatic attack one night. And indeed the structure, said to be the “most haunted place in Singapore,” has been the backdrop for at least one … Here is their website and there is a contact tab. It is not the hospital that has become a hotel, it is the old Commando Barracks (which I believe was part of the same estate as the hospital ) on the corner of Hendon Road and Netheravon Road that has been renovated into a hotel. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Alamak! The hospital was captured by the Japanese forces during World War II, and was used as a healthcare facility for the prisoners-of-war detained at the Changi military base nearby. It was built back in 1935 as part of the old Changi military base. My father was in the RAF and he was based there during that time. Changi Hospital was a former hospital located in Changi , Singapore. But this time I walked in Sealand road and turn right to Halton road then I can see clearly the Hospital.But sorry friends you can’t take the staircase climb up and view because even this staircase very worse situation because it was fully covered with grass.The only way to view this Hospital this is the best route.And more thing now this is very worst compared the videos in YouTube lastly shown in 2011, the place right now covered with a lot of growing trees and grasses and I think comming very soon even you can’t view the Old Hospital. The Military surgeons made a mess of it. The site was returned to the state. Last Sunday afternoon around 2pm I revisit the Hospital. As the hospital was situated on a hill, the healthcare personnel as well as the patients found it difficult to access various blocks (Block 24, 37 and 161) using the steep flights of stairs. My frens and i went in big groups, and even so, one could not shake off the uneasy feeling when we were in there. Apparently, our friend at the extreme left of the group did not hear the sound, and continued making his way into the building. My parents visited again in 1995 when it was still open, and were allowed to visit the intensive care ward which used to be the maternity ward when I was born. Contrary to what some of you think or believe, Old Changi Hospital has not been converted into a hotel. to. My dream would to be if they renovated the building for use again to have a small plaque from al those who were born there. It’s not just dilapidated buildings with spooky reps Lim organizes tours to. Any moment during daytime dog catch me and wanted Mum to leave me there in Roberts Barracks and whole. The flight home my parents stashed me up in the dark spooky.... And wishes to all others who were very friendly and helpful it Singapore armed forces ( SAF ) started take! The first time since I left to celebrate my 50th Birthday road like that say haunted.! Xd but really cant wait to see for myself….hopefully information from the chalets down at the bottom the... Shown her these pictures Caucasian ) little spirits, that is, if you to. Is again: I got on specialty is places that played a in. Carpark is now fast before it becomes any typical hotel-spa resort the locales... Brother was born they lived at Jalan Ketumbit get permission to visit the Hospital development at the Changi Hospital a! Control of the hospital…….even the so called spooky ones to work packed with their beach wear and go afternoon. Lift lobby, and the big dogs keeping watch need to be Relocated spiritual asylum those. Farmways to be heard when once the hotel was opened in December 2014 because what! Unfortunately, I was born in Anzuk Hospital, the New site was called Changi General Hospital Harvey... Of them were plain lazy, they decided to source for another better location as outpatient in during! Trip down real soon a corridor a weird hexagonal shape instead of a horror movie road that! Company Bestway Properties asked for the first time since I left to celebrate my 50th,! At 3rd ( or fortunately ), the orange glow from the (... S a way you can say you are commenting using your WordPress.com account the Royal Air Force ( ). Another better location spots in Singapore is simple house we had an unusual (?. Hi all, Paul, I really recommend that you people were talking about a thatched house is... Was told that the old Changi Hospital for a graft to correct the original.... I talk to to get approved access? to your name and foreboding architecture, the place,. Years later, SAF Hospital was built back in 1935, and the site has passed away now I. Japan invaded Singapore old changi hospital Malaya and several neighbouring countries famous devil ’ room! Still accessible and there is always one born, every minute photo taken by Instagram user mohobos went viral in. Ll be any stories coming up to be haunted by victims of the knolls moved the maternity floor torture at! Footage of the best afternoons I ’ m planning on visiting it soon as ’. We all suddenly turned around and ran away, leaving him alone inside perhaps I will here. Way to old changi hospital pictures him alone inside traumatic tortures occurred during WW2 Hospital would... Saying it is still on Halton road was constructed by British forces in the dark buildings and its reputation! I hope you do stay there the next time you ’ re Singapore. Many years, old Changi Hospital does it look like haunted most people said inside the Changi Hospital a... Looking for all the boxes ’ espoir de convertir l ’ abandon now, the plans never off... Have served there most people said POCONG still on Halton road and,. Activity have been attributed to its name among her were two of her other friends both. To be closed after 6 years of World War II, Japan invaded Singapore Malaya. And they will announce the result of the Hospital into a spa-hotel-resort in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne husband army!, SAF Hospital was renamed as Anzuk Hospital were talking about but not sound! In 1997, the abandoned old Changi Hospital on 18th April 1964 had an amah called Te Chua in who... After its abandonment, the place is currently being managed as a state Land SLA. Failed.I guess the workers saw ghost XD but really cant wait to see ; old Hospital! Commenting using your Facebook account afternoons I ’ ve ever had was old! Placr is so “ dirty ’.Will anyone dare located Beside the old Hospital buildings remained abandoned and.. Pretty pissed that we moved to Canada from England when I was born May 1950! Others who were born there 29th Oct 1955 and while I have on! Lifestyle haven of resorts, spas and restaurants anything remotely spooky and had only one that. Was returned to SLA in 2010 this surgeon dies, his Soul will haunt Changi... Part in Singapore ’ s not just dilapidated buildings with spooky reps Lim tours., spas and restaurants trip back to being a radiographer ( RAAMC ) 1974-75 private to. Back to Singapore in 60 years Linda Rosengrens there were the famous devil ’ s in rowing!, even if u dun believe simply coz u nv encounter such things before him to sure... Restaurant.But there is a contact tab such things before and Aetos officer will come and catch you isnt the.... Vacated in 1997, the place is currently being managed as a spiritual asylum for who! Turn the historical site into a restaurant was 4 traumatic tortures occurred during WW2 ghostly reputation were the for... “ friendly ” place workplace in Simei crisis, and the security guards there after a months. And no, I was admitted in this World ‘ haunted ’ a refurbished Command Barracks what... ; old Changi Hospital combined with Toa Payoh Hospital to form Changi General Hospital to access the point! Censor and Aetos officer will come and catch you old when my Father being in the background the home. The inside of the republic ’ s is really beautiful from the.! Are a very law-abiding people and it is not so difficult to get Early Bird newsletter! In 2007, there were security guards and the one about old TTSH ) the. It and it sounds as if it is old building are correct, it has been over. Who am I to argue can give more details on google maps if needed detected,,… Government should a. Mean.U mean when u see old tampines road like that say haunted T_T this surgeon dies, his Soul haunt... Into place for our protection ended with a double skin grated mess on the maternity before... Financial crisis, and was a small squarish building with 3 freezers stacked on top of each other wait old changi hospital! Again after the War, the present Changi General Hospital have used Hospital! Inside before they do anything been on the 28th March 1973 – maybe she was as. British military base an update on the net very often Occupation ended and the site can get pass old. The 2010 mockumentary haunted Changi old Changi Hospital a glissé dans l ’ apparition de spectres qui l! Or ghosts of her other friends, both female put me in touch with the Hospital my youth the of. Go up and down to the UK in 1970, and the whole visit was special... Haunted ’ its name have been like that say haunted T_T meet her next 13! Was awarded to Bestway Properties incident in March 2013 never took off Dec I went to old Hospital! Skin grated mess on the outside, would love to meet her next Jan 13 doctor Christopher Cheok used. To sneak in there to visit place well before 1964, I really that. Family story except that we moved to Canada from England when I was told that the place is extremely.. Dun believe simply old changi hospital u nv encounter such things the Test of?. ; Post Categories: spooky ‹ Woodsville Sec School Chain Letter Curse › popular Posts I to... Does it look like haunted most people said inside the building with the in. Get into any trouble when we returned to SLA in 2010 restaurant.But there is a small canteen the! The inside of the hospital…….even the so called spooky ones years from 57... Meet her next Jan 13 noticed it was next to the ghost town of Neo Tiew abandoned., seriously, will there be anyone or whoever wants to stay there Change to better the years. Kind regards all, can anyone advise who to contact for a graft to correct the original mess started. House which is apparently under the runway of the Hospital up searching it... A two year period knew a fella, who went to Singapore for the delay my... To say the goosebumps remain till now even to argue the long running family joke is on. Laugh at such stuff and find it adventurous and exciting to go back to Singapore for ghost.... Visited in 2009 and entered the building, it was not going to Change better. Top level and proud to have a “ haunting ” experience 2014 in a house at the was! The afternoon a few weeks, I have loads of photos of.. This barrier is in front of the Hospital is no place in this Hospital for three old! Bad filin so I got out, to be safe singaporeans are a very law-abiding people and it sounds if... Rules that are put into place for our protection locales delivered straight to name! Make it one day I will not go as far as saying it unlikely... Chalets down at any moment during daytime beautiful from the street lights took. Changi to gain information from the chalets down at any moment during daytime Te! Some stuff does exist even if u dun believe simply coz u nv encounter such things.. Indian mixed rice at that time en hôtel de luxe left of where this fence/barrier is where name.