You could inadvertently kill it. This species has also been known to breeding in captivity. Ocellate river stingray. They are also very hardy and become quite tame when found in … Even if there's only one specimen of them in private hands, I want them on the list. 12 Ross Clubb et al., “Compromised Survivorship in Zoo Elephants,” Science 322 (2008): 1649. Compatible with- Silver Dollars, Red hooks, Emperor hooks( basically any fish that are bigger than arowana’s mouth.) It is said that the natives of South America fear the stingray more than they do the piranha.. Potamotrygon vary considerably in color, pattern and size, with the maximum disc width ranging from 31 cm (1 ft) in P. wallacei to 1.5 m (5 ft) in P. brachyura. Round ray stingrays are mostly brown in color and sometimes have a spotted or mottled look, and their undersides are an orangish-white color. For a small breeding group of 2-3 adults at least 450 gallons or 9’ long x 3.5’ wide x 2’ deep. Temperament- Aggressive. It is a somewhat migratory species that requires a lot of open space despite its small size. The Leopard Round Stingrays in captivity: This species was described in 2015. Included in this species are the yellow stingray, the Chilean round ray, and the Haller’s round ray. 11 Ros Clubb and Georgia Mason, “Captivity Effects on Wide-Ranging Carnivores,” Nature 2 Oct. 2003. We describe life history characteristics of southern stingrays maintained in captivity from birth to 13 years. It inhabits tidal flats, lagoons and sandy regions on reef margins. This species is generally very hardy, and usually acclimates quite well to captive life, provided that it has a good deal of swimming room. 2003. 13 “Critics Question China’s Worldwide Panda Profit,” The Age 5 Apr. When keeping a stingray in captivity a sand substrate is mandatory. This freshwater aquarium stingray can grow up to 24 inches in size when kept in an aquarium. Stingray Beach is the marine equivalent of a petting zoo – except the animals are wild. Size- 35 inches in captivity. Hi, Looking to complie a list of freshwater rays that are found in the hands of private keepers. Minimum recommend pond/tank size for a Leopard Round Stingray: about 200 gallons or 6' long x 2.25' wide x 2' deep for a single Leopard round Stingray. The pointy barbs – a natural defensive mechanism of rays – are removed to render the animals harmless to humans. While some fish species are easy to raise in captivity, stingrays' long gestation period means it's preferable for many sellers to harvest them straight from the ocean to sell, Newton said. The Ocellate river stingray (Potamotrygon motoro) is also known as the black eye stingray or the peacock stingray. It is a freshwater stingray and forms part of the Potamotrygonidae family. Though its small size makes it a candidate for captivity, it is extremely delicate, and does not usually survive in aquarium environments. Like other stingrays, the fishes of this genus have venomous barbs at the base of their tails, and their stings are dangerous to humans. Min tank size- 100 gallons. NEVER use copper based medications in an aquarium containing a ray. Gravel, pebbles or crushed coral can easily cause surface wounds and may result in infection. The rays are kept in shallow pools so visitors can touch and, for an additional fee, feed them. The Cortez Stingrays in captivity: This species does very well in captivity, and is often found in Home Aquariums and in some Public Aquariums. 4.Freshwater stingrays