Foreign. "The Stepfather" has one wonderful element: Terry O'Quinn's performance. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. … Free Horror Movies – … Proving that horror movies are fresh out of ideas (the last truly original one being Ringu in 1998), the trailer for ‘scary’ and bloodless PG-13 remake The Stepfather is online.. who is playing the evil stepfather in the remake, is it dylan walsh or christopher meloni? The Stepfather Critics Consensus. Rollo Tomasi Follow on Twitter February 24, 2008. Thriller. Verhaal. The first trailer for The Stepfather, a remake of the 1987 thriller of the same name, has hit the web today. Second problem: The trailer sucks. He survives, gets away and is last seen charming another single woman with kids. A third, made-for-television, film, Stepfather III, was released in 1992, with the title character played by another actor. The original was taut, tense, and definitely for mature audiences. The best thing about The Stepfather remake is still the central idea about a man trying to make the perfect family via a very unusual methodology. Lol. The second best is Walsh's performance, which veers between bland affability and ice-cold fury at the flick of a switch. Hintergrund. Take a look at this brand new trailer from this new horror remake. The Stepfather (br/pt: O Padrasto [1] [2] ... Consenso geral do site é que "Este remake morna do clássico cult de 1987 não tem a tensão e correntes satíricas do original." Drama. Synopsis : Après avoir terminé son école militaire, Michael rentre à la maison. ... Remake de El Padrastro en la que Jerry Blake es un hombre obsesionado con un … The Stepfather Remake Trailer. Susan was never called out, or even felt remorse, for ignoring all the warning signs that her fiance is a serial killer and thus leading to the deaths of a neighbor, her ex-husband, and her sister. The list consists the deaths occurred in the Stepfather film series. Remake is unremarkable; The stepfather (15) HH. Roger Ebert. The Stepfather Trailer Slashes It Up. Psycho (1998) Remaking a classic horror film is no easy task for a director. John Locke wins. So in the spirit of that, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the 1987 cult classic The Stepfather, and compare it to its 2009 remake! The "Stepfather" is the only known (real) name of the titular main antagonist of the 1987 psychological horror film The Stepfather and its two sequels Stepfather II: Make Room For Daddy and Stepfather III. The Stepfather is a remake of the 1987 cult classic that starred future Lost cast member Terry O'Quinn as a serial killer who ingratiates himself into one doomed family after another. Horror. The ultimate news source for music, celebrity, entertainment, movies, and current events on the web. I'm a huge fan of the stepfather movies lol. De film is een remake van de gelijknamige film uit 1987. We examine the case of John List and how he almost got away with murder. Le Beau-père - The Stepfather est un film réalisé par Nelson McCormick avec Dylan Walsh, Penn Badgley. The Stepfather is een Amerikaanse horrorfilm uit 2009 onder regie van Nelson McCormick. He was portrayed by Terry O'Quinn in the first two films. This tepid remake of the 1987 cult classic lacks the tension and satirical undercurrents of the original. The son saves the stepfather’s ass and of course later the stepfather kills him with a zip lock bag….oops spoiler…oh well suck it. The film was followed by a sequel, Stepfather II, in 1989, which opened to negative reviews. , wurde später aber auch als The Stepfather vermarktet. Advertisement. Sinopsis: Michael Harding (Penn Badgley) regresa a construcción de la escuela luchador para hallar a su madre (Seal Ward) a Dios gracias enamorada y viviendo con su flamante guapo, David (Dylan Walsh). The Stepfather (Remake) (2009) Trailer Subtitulado trailer0boy. 'The Stepfather' er et remake af gyseren fra 1987. Dat laatste komt mede door Dylan Walsh die rol van de gestoorde stiefvader best leuk en goed speelt, maar ook door Amber Heard. Bei diesem Streifen handelt es sich um ein Remake des gleichnamigen Horrorfilms The Stepfather aus dem Jahre 1987. Bekannt ist er auch als Spur in den Tod II , hat aber nichts mit Spur in den Tod I oder III zu tun. Michael Harding keert terug van de militaire academie en ontdekt dat er thuis enkele veranderingen hebben plaatsgevonden. The remake looks like another PG-13, jump scared induced, lame-a-thon. In the The Stepfather remake, the serial-killing serial groom David Harris is played by Dylan Walsh. This is “the season of remakes.” Hollywood doesn’t seem to want to risk something original. Mystery. Terry O’Quinn, welcher in den ersten beiden ursprünglichen Teilen den Stiefvater verkörperte, wurde von Nelson McCormick gefragt, ob er nicht auch im Remake mitspielen wolle.Laut Aussage vom Produzent Mark Morgan hat O’Quinn das Angebot abgelehnt. Link/Page Citation Cast: Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, Penn Badgley, Amber Heard, Sherry Stringfield Plot: A 1987 cult horror of the same name starred Terry O'Quinn, now better known as Locke from Lost. Round I – Protagonist Years before creeping us all out on the Netflix series You , Penn Badgely himself was being creepyed out by his new stepfather in the 2009 remake. My suggestion, watch the original first.TheHORRORman’s Channel: // 0 1 minute read. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. Zappa Peter Sobczynski Hoogstaand is het allemaal niet, maar de film keek zich nog lekker weg. Dit is natuurlijk niet minder dan een remake van de film The Stepfather uit 1987 die ik persoonlijk beter en vooral spannender vond. Price Match Guarantee. Ver Online Asesino en Casa (El Padrastro / The Stepfather) (2009) DVDRip Español Latino. Remake von was? For the AV Club, Scott Tobias wrote, "Even by horror-remake standards, The Stepfather sets the bar for pointlessness." A remake, The Stepfather, was released in 2009 to negative reviews. Wer sich gerne ein bisschen schocken lässt, kann sich mal Stepfather auf Netflix anschauen. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. The Stepfather is a 2009 remake of the 1987 American thriller film of the same name. Jun 17, 2009 The Stepfather Remake. Berkeley becomes 1st city to ban junk food at checkouts The second best is Walsh's performance, which veers between bland affability and ice-cold fury at the flick of a switch. Shop The Stepfather [Unrated] [Blu-ray] [2009] at Best Buy. Michael vender hjem fra hæren og opdager, at hans mor er blevet forlovet med en ny mand. Wicked Horror takes a look at the true story behind The Stepfather film. Kino. Dylan Walsh is a fine character actor, but he's no Stepfather. Sequels and remake. Das Original von 1987 heißt in Deutschland erst Kill, Daddy, Kill! Wer aber einen Stiefvater hat und zu ihm … Now playing. Trick question: the answer is The Stepfather, which no more lives up to lame nineties thrillers than it does to Hitchcock. Remake of the 1987 horror thriller of the same name, starring Dylan Walsh and Penn Badgley. So it’s not at all clever, original or even remotely chilling – could be something to do with its bland direction or the incredible number of bikini shots on display. It's pop culture on steroids. The stepfather in the remake. He is also the eponymous main villain of the 2009 thriller horror film of the same name. The Season of the Remake continues as the first trailer for the The Stepfather (2009) has shown up online. The Stepfather is a remake of the 1987 cult classic that starred future Lost cast member Terry O'Quinn as a serial killer who ingratiates himself into one doomed family after another. After time away at Military Academy, Michael Harding (Badgley) returns to his family home only to find his mum's new partner, David Harris (Walsh), with his feet firmly under the table.